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Get a first look at the Rage of Ultron in this preview of the new Avengers OGN

Following up on the Age of Ultron storyline in Marvel’s monthly books and coming to stores just before the Ultron-centric Avengers motion picture sequel lands in theaters, Rage of Ultron is looking like it might give the superhero team their biggest challenge yet- a planet-sized Ultron.

“The Avengers mostly contend either with the foes of their individual members, such as Loki, or teams of villains such as the Masters of Evil,” says SVP, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “But as a group, they have only two discrete villains of note: Kang and Ultron. So whenever you embark on a story featuring either of them, it needs to be a very strong and important story indeed. AVENGERS: RAGE OF ULTRON is such a story, both going back to the formative days of Ultron’s existence, and also transforming him in a manner that can’t help but impact upon future stories. Plus, he’s a whole planet!”

That’s kind of an interesting notion, and one that I never really thought of. The Avengers have only two real ‘group’ villains. I guess that’s true when you think about their rogues gallery, it’s all pretty much centered on individual heroes and their villains, excepting Kang and Ultron (and maybe Doom, you could sort of make a case for him too). It kind of gives you a better appreciation for the character of the insane robot, no?

Though, even if you’re not he biggest Ultron-fan, there’s still plenty to like about this one. For starters, it’s an original graphic novel (OGN) which had all but vanished from the comics world for a while. Then there’s the fact that the Eternals are in this one, and they haven’t been seen for a while, and there are several teams of Avengers featured, from throughout history.

Marvel is also promising that the events that play out in the book will not be the kind that are forgotten after you read the final page. What happens in this one’s going to last folks. Avengers: Rage of Ultron hits stores on the 1st of April (not an April Fool’s joke) from the team of Rick Remender (of course) and Jerome Opeña.

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