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See more on the story and get a behind the scenes look at Grey Goo

Petroglyph’s new RTS Grey Goo is shaping up to be suitably epic.

In the first Grey Goo video shared by the developers at Petroglyph this week, we finally get a better look at one of the narratives that’ll be running through the campaign mode. As you might know already, there will be three playable factions in the final version of the real-time strategy title, so this is just one part of what will be a three-part tale. Still though, for gamers looking forward to playing some Goo, at least it’s something.

Next up, we’ve got a special look behind the haze of development and at the stuff that the devs are doing with Grey Goo. If you’re not familiar, it’s not just another ‘modern RTS’ that we’re talking about here, and the simple reason for that is that this one has an eye backward, towards the classic real-time games of old.

Confused? Don’t be, watch this.

Like what you’ve seen? I’m really excited about it for the reason that it is, in fact, an old school RTS in modern-looking clothes. I haven’t played one of those, which are what I grew up with in terms of the genre, in quite some time. Grey Goo launches on the PC on January 23rd, 2015.

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