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Is the Wii U in higher demand than the PS4 this Holiday?

We already know that the Xbox One is doing quite well for itself this Holiday Season, but it actually looks like the Nintendo Wii U is putting up Holiday as well.

According to BuyVia, a website and app that in-store and online shopping across “multiple platforms”, the Wii U is indeed outpacing the PS4 in terms of what buyers are shopping for this Holiday Season. Leading and in first place by a good margin is the Xbox One, which sits at 52% of the total, but right after that is where the real surprise shows up.

The Wii U is so far catching 26% of shoppers intention to buy, while the PS4 has just 22%. Now, that’s not a wide margin and nowhere near the gap that exists between the Xbox One and second place Wii U, but it’s still very notable when you consider that the PS4 has been a top seller in the current generation since it launched in November of 2013.

Too give you  a little local reporting from Metropolitan NYC, I had seen more than enough of all three consoles at big box stores like Best Buy and Target through early December. A few visits this past week though, turned up way less Xbox One’s and actually only a few Wii U’s in stock. I’m not altogether sure if that had more to do with the times that I visited these shops than anything else, but I did see plenty of PS4’s right next to the surplus of PS3’s and Xbox 360’s that were in stock. Take it for what you will I guess.

If you’d like more info about this, or to check out BuyVia’s new Wii U stock tracker, click here. And if you’d like to check out the company’s new app, click here.

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