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Be the OG, Godzilla on the way to PS4/PS3

Bandai Namco wil be bringing the original Godzilla to the PS4 and PS3 this coming Summer.

What’s big, free, and has some spicy breath? Yep, it’s Godzilla in all his nuclear-powered glory and he’s on the way to Sony’s platforms for 2015 for  free-roaming stomp-fest that should have fans smiling.

“Godzilla has had a long history and is one of Japan’s most famous pop culture exports that have entertained millions of people for generations in the West.” said Chris Gilbert, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc. “We’re excited to continue this great history by bringing the GODZILLA videogame for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 to excited fans. Let the countdown to monstrous destruction and epic battles begin!”

Developed by Natsume Atari, Godzilla features the original ‘Zilla and not the version that just saw big screen fame in the latest remake of the series. The point of the title is pretty straightforward, Godzilla basically breaks stuff. Well, it’s a little lore in-depth than that as he’s actually out to wreck the power generators in a spread of urban locales as his builds his G-Power.

Collect enough of that magical stuff, and you’ll grow Godzilla stature and his offensive/defensive strength. And yes, before you ask, you can expect to see the likes of Mothra, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, and even Jet Jaguar here and in fighting form.

In all, the game will offer 20 levels of play, a cinematic camera system to get the best view of the destruction you’re causing as the big lizard/dinosaur/thing, a Diorama Mode (where you can actually pose and snap pics of the big guy), and a King of the Monsters Mode which sounds a little like a tournament mode that pits Godzilla against his worst foes.

It sounds like there’s finally going to be a game that does Godzilla justice from all the info that Bandai Namco released today, so cross your fingers on this one. Godzilla roars to life on the PS4 and PS3 this Summer, 2015.

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