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New Trailer for Destiny’s Expansion The Dark Below

Bungie and Activision has just released an extended trailer for the upcoming Destiny expansion, The Dark Below. The trailer highlights the changes and new features Bungie will be adding to the game with the expansion as well as briefly describing where the story is headed.


The Dark Below introduces Eris Morn, the only survivor from a fireteam hunting Crota. She is a new vendor in the Tower, offering new bounties and gear as well as the main quest missions for the expansion. Bungie will also include a new raid and strike based on the story of The Dark Below. This looks like a great opportunity for Bungie to flesh out some of the lore for Destiny.

Lovers of PvP should look forward to three new maps for the Crucible: the Pantheon, Skyshock, and the Cauldron. Each takes place on a separate planet and feature new map layout designs. The Pantheon is set on Mars and is the first truly symmetrical map. Skyhock in Old Russian features more compartmentalized fighting for vehicles and infantry. Finally, the Cauldron, located on the Moon, has unique locations that allow for easy coordination for teamplay. There will also be a plethora of new weapons and gear along with some new and very cool exotic weapons.

Based on the trailer and the blogposts by Bungie, The Dark Below will be a welcomed addition to Destiny. Despite the criticism, It appears Bungie is trying to deliver on the promises of Destiny. If this expansion lives up to the trailer, they will be well on their way. The Dark Below will be available on December 9th for $20 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Players can also purchase the Destiny Expansion Pass for $35 and includes House of Wolves, the next planned expansion.

In the mean time, good luck Guardians!

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