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Bungie Ready to Deploy Major Updates for Destiny

Bungie just released a blog post detailing some changes to come for Destiny. There are a number of updates that address some past concerns of players and generally improve overall enjoyment.

One of the big improvements will be channels for talking with teammates. This has been a sticking point for a lot of players who argue what’s the point of an MMO if you can’t talk to your team. Bungie is also improving exotic weapons, making them “stronger and more interesting to upgrade.” The list is on their blog and varies from the specific to extremely vague; one project is bulleted as “some other tricks up our sleeve.” The development team wants to fix player issues while maintaining the freedom of player engagement.

Bungie teases at new areas to explore in existing regions. Below the Cosmodrome hides the Seraphim’s Vault, an area filled with inscrutable power and knowledge. Also within the Cosmodrome, the Jovian Complex, in the Dark Below, is opened for players with some promised battles to ensue.

The Hypogeum, a chamber of ancient power built by the Vex, is buried under the sands of Mars. Finally, players will find the Chamber of Night in the inner sanctum of the Moon’s Hive, where Hive witches gather and dark rituals are performed. There are several shots of the new areas and they look sick, filled with ambiance and depth.

Bungie’s vigilance in regards to Destiny is admirable. Reading the blog post, it is clear the development team is taking player feedback extremely seriously, attempting to address concerns if not fix them as soon as possible. Bungie shows a strong dedication to its fans by continuously releasing new content, areas, and items. Destiny players should look forward to some awesome updates to keep them entertained until the next chapter for the Guardians.

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