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BG’s Month of Terror: Our Top Scariest Video Games

With Halloween just around the corner, we at Brutal Gamer thought we would share with you guys our top scariest game we’ve either played or seen. (Yes even here at BG, we watch the game rather than play it sometimes).

Now, some people may get that rush from a scary movie and think you couldn’t achieve that with a game, well you would be mistaken. Even heart monitors have been used to see just how scary some games have been, and with recent games and even demo’s ( P.T. Silent Hills 😛 ), having explicit warnings that these games could scare you a little too much, there is still an abundance of horror games being produced. Just what makes us love these so much, who knows, but what I can tell you is these next few games are ones to be missed by the faint hearted.


Jake R – UK Staff Writer


Something about this game had me terrified, I think I only got an hour or two into it and can no longer bring myself to play it again. There’s just something about jump scares that really make me nervous, couple this with atmospheric music, the inability to defend yourself, and the constant threat that something is following you that you cant see makes it the perfect scary game, hopefully one day I will actually build my nerves up enough to finish it.


Resident Evil

Jason – Editor-in-Chief

Resident Evil

Resident Evil did me in any time I tried to play it anywhere near later in the evening. Eternal Darkness was a close second, but nothing beat the original RE for me. And I usually don’t get all that spooked by games either, but there was just something about Capcom’s first Resident Evil on the PSOne that absolutely killed me. The slow-turning head of the opening zombie, the jump scares from the undead dogs, the seemingly random monsters that would just appear and the twisting and turning narrative that started out as what seemed like mystical horror and turned into something far worse… It was a joy to play… but, uh, during the daylight hours.



System Shock 2

Eric – UK Staff Writer

System Shock 2

I’m normally not a horror game fan. I definitely appreciate Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but games like Amnesia don’t really appeal to the gamer in me. Hiding in fear and waiting for jump scares isn’t my cup of tea. But there is a game that scared me out of my wits and had me coming back for more: System Shock 2. System Shock 2 starts out rather inconspicuously, with the standard “you were on a ship and while you were asleep something went terribly wrong” scenario. What I loved about SS2 was that for most of the game’s early areas, you aren’t given clear explanation as to what happened. As I was searching crates and piecing together equipment, I was suddenly mauled by what looked like a robot wearing a person’s face. I let out a yelp, shut the lid of my laptop and had to walk away… only to come back five minutes later. System Shock 2 is a game about discovery, learning and progress as you piece together what went wrong, and how you can make it out of this situation alive. Between the eerie beginnings, lonely atmosphere of the ship, and the wonderfully evil character of SHODAN, System Shock 2 is easily my favourite horror game.



Corpse Party

Nadia – US Staff Writer

Corpse Party

There must be something exhilarating about getting scared on Halloween. Your heart is pumping, your palms are sweaty, and you are constantly looking over your shoulder— checking to see if someone is going to come up behind you and scare you. I admit I get scared easily so I wouldn’t be the one sitting alone watching a scary movie, or video game. In fact I have always shied away from those. Being a gamer however I do my best to tune in on various conversations among the gaming community about what others have played and talked about. What my ears caught wind of shocked me as I heard the title. Corpse Party. Just the title alone made me want to run the other way, and I had no idea what it was about, and I didn’t want to know. As my curiosity increased within me, I decided to bite the bullet and see for myself what the buzz was all about. I had heard other players mention that this game was not to be played, or watched in a dark room. They were right. Corpse Party is a horror survival adventure game for the PSP, where you your task is wandering the haunted and hellish halls of Heavenly Host, a school that was said to be destroyed decades ago. This is a school where people are murdered in the most gruesome way possible, and the game doesn’t hold back any of the gory details. It was one of the most frightening games I have ever watched a Let’s Play of. As I was watching the playthrough, I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, and considering that I was actually watching it, well I had a front row seat! This game isn’t for the faint of heart, so keep that in mind if you choose to embark on this horrifying adventure.



Alien Isolation.

Kiri – UK Staff Writer

Alien Isolation

In all honesty, I am not a huge fan of anything first person, I like to know what is going on behind me. I am also a big scaredy cat when it comes to anything sci-fi. All the hype about this game really got me thinking, should I give it a try… Should I man up??

Well no, I didn’t go buy the game, I was too scared, but I did  watch a lovely play through, lovely meaning myself and my partner screaming and hiding behind our hands most of the video’s. The music intensely effects you in this game, the slow build up to the dramatic then the fast heart racing sounds as your about to become one hungry looking momma alien’s lunch. But thats not all, there are other enemies and jump scare in this game than just this bad ass alien, and frankly they are all as scary as each other. I am not faint hearted to say the least, I can play horror games  all night long, and have done, but this game has me quivering every time I see any game play. The realism of space, from views really draws me in, and has me checking all the doors are locked before I go to bed. Yes, aliens may be out there, but I do not want to meet this one!!!


So in short, I’d say if you hate creepy atmosphere, darkness, space aliens and dead people, I would recommend you give theses games a miss. On the other hand, if you’re feeling brave this Halloween, see if you can beat each game above without screaming. We dare you!

About Kiri Leatherland

One of BG's UK contributors and a PlayStation super-fan, Kiri is self-described as "super competitive" and can be most often found shouting at her other half "kicking my butt on Injustice".

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  1. I agree with this list and my personal favorite on this list is Resident Evil. What a golden egg, that game. Going to try out Alien Isolation soon. May the Alien have mercy on me.

  2. I saw that being played at NYCC, looked incredible. I heard there was an Oculus version too, don’t know if I could make it through that one lol

  3. Oh man, Corpse Party – no thanks

  4. I really wouldn’t dare play anything with Occulus Rift :)) I don’t think I can handle it :))

  5. Exactly what I said! Haha it was one of those games that I just wanted to stay away from xD.

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