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Bayonetta 2 in 60 fps

Nintendomination is at it again with some more footage of Nintendo games in 60 frames per second. This time, it’s Bayonetta 2 from E3 2014.

The footage here shows Bayonetta fighting the Lumen Sage while Loki watches from a short distance. He recommends that you speed up the video twice as fast in order to see it in all of its 60 fps glory. As expected, it looks great, the animation is silky smooth. For an action game like Bayonetta, this is particularly important, it’s why the Xbox 360 version was considered the definitive one until the Wii U version was announced. To some this may seem trivial, but for others who play these games on a regularly basis, anything less than 60 fps can be a deal breaker. Bayonetta 2 will be heading to the Wii U September 20th in Japan and October 24th in North America. No definitively release date for Europe and Australia has been set yet, other than just October in UK.

Source: Nintendomination

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