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GOG gives away Magrunner, puts bundles on massive sale

The first free game of GOG.com’s Sumer Sale hits along with a bevy of bundle deals and Flash Sales.

If you haven’t been paying attention to GOG.com’s Summer Sale (which started last weekend), then you need to start right now. For 24 hours, first-person puzzle game Magrunner: Dark Pulse is 100% free of charge through the site. And if you don’t know what Magrunner is, well, it’s awesome is what it is.

If there’s any gaming store bold (or crazy) enough to make Cthulhu their unofficial Summer Sale mascot, it must be GOG.com! Magrunner: Dark Pulse, a stunning first-person physics-based puzzle game is available for free, for 24 hours, until June 19 12:59PM GMT. Following a seemingly-crazy, but not unlikely storyline in which a Social Network company grows to be a global mega-corporation, goes into scientific research field, accidentally summons the Great Old Ones, this phenomenal title answers the question: “what would happen if H.P. Lovecraft was thinking with portals”. GOG.com and Frogwares made sure the stars are aligned, and are ready to take all gamers on this incredible trip for the price of $0.00.

And of course, Magrunner isn’t the only can’t miss on GOG right now as there are bundle deals, bringing together a ton of great games, up on sale for up to 90% off and Flash Sales that just kicked off- 30 of them in total -arriving hourly. All this extreme goodness will only last the day though, because as soon as the 24 hour period is over, so is this last stage of the biggest sale of 2014.

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