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E3 2014: Angels, demons, and mechs galore in Bayonetta 2

For those of you that missed the Nintendo Treehouse today, a metric ton of material just got revealed, and it’s all juicy stuff.

Bayonetta looks stylish in her new flame thrower shoes; she burns enemies to a crisp with one swift kick. She also finally comes across the mysterious lumen sage that has appeared multiple times in trailers; we don’t know his name yet, but he fights fierce. He can summon angels using the feathers on his wings, and even bring forth the cardinal virtues such as Fortitudo and Temperentia. The battle between the two is intense, but what gets even more insane is the fact that they both summon their respective monsters to fight each other; on Bayonetta’s side, we have an infernal demons, including the first look at Madama Butterfly in action.

Arguably, the coolest thing about this battle is being able to control your infernal demon indirectly. They mimic the actions you take against the lumen sage’s cardinal virtues in the background. So there are two major battles going on at once, but that’s not all. The battle ends with you controlling Madama Butterfly directly, punching Temperentia square in the jaw several times. The final reveal is something rather out of this world for Bayonetta, and it’s a huge mech she can pilot. It behaves just like she does in battle, only its weapon is a huge machine gun that can be fired after kicks. Check out some of these screenshots of the action and mech.


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