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Mighty Avengers #11 reveals a 70’s-tastic version of the super-team

So there were Mighty Avengers in the 1970’s. If that’s news to you, then you haven’t seen Marvel’s latest retconning tie-in to Original Sin.

Who are the original Mighty Avengers? Find out this June in MIGHTY AVENGERS #11, a tie-in to ORIGINAL SIN! From Al Ewing and Greg Land – the ghostly Deathwalkers rise again, stronger than before and only the Mighty Avengers can put a stop to them! Only, this isn’t the first time the Mighty Avengers squared off against the Deathwalkers.

In 1972, Luke Cage’s father, Detective James Lucas, joined forces with Blade, the Blue Marvel and an unlikely team of heroes to combat the undead menace. Yet the team’s clandestine activities have been kept a closely guarded secret ever since. But why? As the original Mighty Avengers race against time, their present day counterparts struggle to unearth the secrets they’ve been keeping. Why were their deeds kept secret? The secret history of Luke Cage’s father and the original Mighty Avengers stands revealed this June in MIGHTY AVENGERS #11!

Can Francesco Francavilla do anything bad? That cover is seriously awesome and shows a 70’s era Blade teaming with none other then Luke Cage’s dad, James Lucas. He even gave him the green shades! Too cool.

Anyway, in this newest change to the sat of the Marvel U, the Mighty Avengers team discover that there was a sorta Mighty Avengers years in the past, and that they forged their alliance to battle the Deadwalkers (which really sound lie something out of Game of Thrones). I assume here that they weren’t called the Mighty Avengers, of that they had anything to do with the actual Avengers, who probably weren’t around yet according to modern Marvel lore. When would the Avengers have shown up in today’s Marvel U anyway? The 90’s?

It’s always good to see Blade in action and the return to a previous era makes for some cool action that writer Al Ewing can really play around with since whatever happens could have a lasting impact on the Marvel U of today. I’ll say this about Original Sin (Marvel’s big Summer crossover for this year), it’s not dull and Marvel sure isn’t timid about using it to shake things up.

Find out what happens in the groovy 70’s when Mighty Avengers #11 hits the stands on June 11th.

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