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Rayman Legends coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2014

One of the prettiest platformers on consoles is set to go next-fen early next year. Tell ’em Snoop…

We reviewed Rayman Legends earlier this year and found it to easily be one of the very best games of 2013. Everything about the game is pretty great to be honest, but the graphics in particular were downright spectacular on the current generation of consoles. With the power of the PS4 and Xbox One behind the little armless guy, Ubisoft’s mascot is going to be all that much more better looking.

A graphical bump isn’t the only newness to be found in the just announced next-fen editions of Rayman Legends though as both versions will get some exclusive content that you won’t find in any other edition. The Xbox One will on the receiving end of “10 exclusive challenges to unlock new time-limited Achievements” and the PS4 will have use of the “controller’s touchpad for actions such as scratching Lucky Tickets, as well as making and sharing screenshots and videos with the community”. You will, of course, also be able to play ‘off TV’ with the PS Vita on the PS4.

You’ll also get some exclusive Ubisoft costumes for Rayman and crew in both next-gen versions with “Splinter Ray, Ray Vaas and Globox Vaas” appearing on the Xbox One; and Assassin Ray coming out of the shadows on the PlayStation 4. Fans can also opt to buy the Funky Ray costume with Uplay points if they like to add one more wardrobe option to the game.

Expect to see Rayman Legends on the Xbox One and the PS4 leap onto the shelves on February 28th in the UK and on the 25th in the US.

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