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Tales of Zestiria confirmed for worldwide release on PS3

Namco Bandai has confirmed that the next game in the Tales franchise, Tales of Zestiria, will get a worldwide release on the PlayStation 3.

Little is known about Namco‘s upcoming RPG, but the Tales team did share some details regarding the plot, setting, and a few tidbits about the gameplay. The game’s universe takes place in the continent of Glynnwood, where a war breaks out between the Highland Kingdom and Lawrence Empire. While the two nations have different cultures and faiths, they do share one faith; they believe in an enigmatic presence they call “Family of Heaven”. It is believed that The Family of Heaven is intangible, and has dominion over the world.

Hideo Baba has said that the game’s fields will be rather large, bigger than anything we’ve ever seen before in the franchise. The battle system looks to be taking some cues from Tales of Graces; only instead of being areas closed off from the map, it seems as though battles take place in the actual environment you’re traveling on. This is unprecedented in Tales games. Another point of interest is the terrain itself; battles always took place on flat surfaces in each of the games, but this time there appears to be uneven surfaces. In the trailer, a character is seen fighting a monster with a giant axe on a grassy hill. Also worth noting is that dragons will apparently play a huge role in Zestiria.

Source: Omegaevolution

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