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Aquaman: The Teen Drama debuts on Bleeding Cool

Website Bleeding Cool is playing host to the debut of all five episodes of superhero dramedy Aquaman: The Teen Drama.

Well, first off, here’s episode #1 of the miniseries:

Before you ask, no, this is in no way associated with DC Comics or the CW television network- it’s just for fun and was dreamt up by writer/director Patrick Willems. The show is meant to be tongue-in-cheek (as you can tell) and plays off of the typical teen dramas that nets like the CW air year in and year out. The difference here is that, of course, the main character is Aquaman and the cast is made up entirely of characters from the DC Comic.

To get an idea of what AQUAMAN: THE TEEN DRAMA is, take a CW show like Gossip Girl, but then imagine that the main character is Aquaman. And not in a Smallville way, where it’s set before he became a superhero. Nope. This is Aquaman, prince of Atlantis, card-carrying member of the Justice League, dressed in shiny orange and green spandex in the middle of Manhattan, going to fancy parties and getting caught up in romantic entanglements and sinister vendettas. And, of course, the whole cast is made up of characters from Aquaman comics like Mera, Ocean Master, Aqualad, and King Shark – all reimagined as teen drama characters.

Honestly the show’s pretty funny, and it’s actually kind of cool to see all these characters reimagined and placed into what’s a truly bizarre setting for all of them. True, if you’re a fan of the excellent (no, really) current Aquaman comic book published by DC, you probably won’t find too many of the translations all that relatable to their four-color cousins, but that’s the fun of it.

Check back at Bleeding Cool, one of the top comic book news sites on the web by the way, at 1pm eastern/10am pacific for the next four episodes. The site will air one a day for the rest of the week. Personally, I’ll be tuning in to see what Ocean Master has up his backstabbing sleeve… ooo that Orm, he’s so smug….

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