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Amazing X-Men #1 (Comics) Preview

Marvel kicks off the brand new X-Men series from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness with the return of an old friend.

The X-Men are through mourning the loss of Nightcrawler, the “heart and soul” of their family – it’s time to act! Wolverine must lead Storm, Beast, Ice Man and more on an epic journey to recover one of their greatest allies – in a story that’s been building since Wolverine and the X-Men #1!

“AMAZING X-MEN is the newest can’t miss X-Men book.” says Senior Editor Nick Lowe. “Two creators at the top of their game, fully committed, bringing back possibly the best X-Man ever… and that’s just the first arc! Just wait until you see what Jason and Ed have up their sleeves!”

Deadly foes! Swashbuckling adventures! Plenty of little blue Bamfs! How far will the Amazing X-Men go to rescue one of their own? And what price will they pay? Find out just how far this November when Nightcrawler returns in Amazing X-Men #1!

I don’t know if I could say that Nightcrawler is my favorite X-Man, but he’s definitely a part of my favorite teams of X-Men. The premier mutant team’s roster changes on a seemingly monthly basis, but there are some characters that are just, well- X-Men. Kurt is one of those.

Along with the likes of Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Gambit, Rouge, Jean Grey and about a half a dozen others, he’s a big part of most X-Fans first thought when they think of the classic version of the team’s roster. Bottom line- it’s good to have him back. Here’s to hoping that Aaron and McGuinness have a few more surprises up their sleeves (it certainly seems like they do) for the rest of their run with the new book.

Look for Amazing X-Men #1 on stands this November from Marvel Comics.

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