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Interview with David Corless

Check out this exclusive interview with the Sonic The Hedgehog series brand manager David Corless.

N1ntendo.nl discusses relations between Sega and Nintendo, as well as Sonic Lost World with David Corless. There wasn’t much he could say in regards to Sonic Lost World, which is understandable considering the game isn’t even out yet, and he certainly wouldn’t want to spoil too many surprises. However, he did share some information that you may be be of some interest; such as the fact that there will be limited edition Nights DLC available via pre-order. What will also come with the pre-order bonus is unique boxart.

Corless also mentions that there’s a feature where you give a white wisp items, and it goes into Miiverse, returning to give you even more powerful ones than you had before. In the interview, he was also asked about the relationship between Sega and Nintendo, and he responded by saying that Sonic has always thrived on Nintendo platforms, and that the Wii U and 3DS helped Sega realize their goals in making Sonic Lost World a reality. When asked if bad sales would adversely affect relations between Nintendo and Sega, he simply responded by saying he’s confident they will do well.

Corless also comments that both the 3DS and Wii U versions are quite different. While they both share similarities, each game is for the most part a unique experience. He also stresses that fans of the classic series will be happy to know that the blue skies and bright color palettes will be present, so the game will definitely be a nod to the older titles in some sense. Sonic Lost World will be in stores October 22nd for the Wii U and 3DS.

Source: N1ntendo.nl TV


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