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X-O Manowar #14 (comics) Preview

The final chapter of the Planet Death event is here and Aric is poised to take his vengeance on his people’s alien captors.

With a coalition army of alien freedom fighters at his back, X-O Manowar has brought the throneworld of his alien oppressors, the Vine, to the brink of collapse. And now, with their ultimate weapon at his command, the final battle for the Vine planet of Loam is about to begin. The time of X-O Manowar’s vengeance has finally come – and, with it, a monumental revelation that will redefine everything we thought we knew about Aric of Dacia and his future in the Valiant Universe.

Planet Death has been every bit of what it was billed to be with action, action and more action. With the final chapter about to see release, it’s a great time to look back and grab any issues that you may have missed too, because -quite frankly- there was a ton going on in this one and you might not get the whole picture of what exactly is about to happen if you’re not caught up.

As to that capper, I have my own thoughts as to what that revelation is going to be… thoughts I won’t share here just in case I’m wrong and end up looking like a dope. In any event, we’ll find out just how right I am (well, I will anyway) when X-O Manowar assaults stands on June 26th -sweet 8-bit Metroid-esque cover and all.

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