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Build It! Miami Beach Resort (iOs) Review

It seems you’ve come into a little money…but there’s a catch (why is there always a catch?)

After a particularly tedious day at a dead end job working for an overbearing boss, Claire Parker hears some wonderful news. It seems her uncle has died (don’t worry, that’s not the wonderful part), and she has inherited a sizable piece of real estate and a nice chunk of cash to go along with it. The only stipulation to the inheritance is that Claire must enter the hotel business, and so begins your career as a resort tycoon in Build It! Miami Beach Resort.

As you begin the game, your land is all possibilities but not yet developed. You can only build on the land that has been developed with roads and such, and you only have a few small structures available to you. As you advance in the game, more and more of your land becomes open for construction, and your choices grown along with it as well. As a resort tycoon, you are responsible for more than just building hotels; guests will want recreation opportunities as well entertainment like bars and movie theaters. You’ll walk a fine line between providing enough lodging and having enough for your guests to do that they’ll want to stay.

Each level of the game corresponds with a calendar year, and you’ll have a variety of tasks and goals to complete in order to finish the level. These range from income and guest minimums to building and painting various types of structures. As you advance in the game, the tasks you’ll need to complete get more and more convoluted, specifying not just a certain building in a certain color, but which buildings it must be located near or far away from as well. Throw in the fact that your calendar year is actually a very fast moving clock, and it makes for frantic action. If you happen to finish all the tasks before July 1st, you qualify as an Expert for that level, but with many different tasks to complete in addition to upkeep, fixing repairs, and the odd tornado, you’ll find more than enough challenge to make that a difficult undertaking (and all the more sweet when you succeed).

Build It! Miami Beach Resort is one of those games that keeps you hopping from start to finish. Like most time management games, there are a million tasks to complete before the clock runs down, but this game adds an element of strategy that sets it apart from other games in the genre. You are given a set number of building permits per year, and your map has only so many spots available for construction. On top of that, you must carefully balance your amount of lodgings with how many recreation areas you supply. You must have enough rooms for the minimum amount of guests, but too many rooms will lower your five star ratings – which means not as many guests will come to stay. You really have to plan things out correctly if you want to advance in the game, so it’s more than just frantic tapping.

Build It! Miami Beach Resort is a well done time management game that throws in a welcome element of strategy to keep things interesting. It’s a fun game that adds more and more to your plate with each level, making for fast paced action that keeps you engaged. Build It! Miami Beach Resort is a great choice for time management and city builder fans alike – and a fun way to kill some time on your commute.

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