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Wii U Gets Another UK Price Drop

Asda cut the price of the Wii U Basic console.

If you were on the fence about picking up a Wii U and live in the UK, then Asda have a deal for you, as they’ve reduced the price of the Wii U Basic by £50, to the new price of £149.  Meanwhile, the the Premium model that comes with Nintendoland and 32GB storage will set you back £199.

Asda are also offering 33% off various Wii U games and accesories, including the Pro Classic Controller, Nintendoland and FIFA 13.  Good news if you want to pick up some extra bits to go with your console.

Source: Nintendo Official Magazine

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  1. So it’s still just NSMB2 and ZombiU that are worth a play, right?

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