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Preview: Harbinger #12

The Renegades take on Generation Zero in a knock down, drag out Vegas strip brawl.

Unsure of exactly what they’ll find, the Renegades have followed Peter Stanchek’s strange dreams and visions straight into Las Vegas. Led by the words of the Bleeding Monk – who bleeds but does not die – they’re about to find themselves in the company of PRS’s tempestuous teenage test subjects, the fugitive Harbingers that now call themselves Generation Zero. Inside of a fortified Las Vegas casino, will they will be able to broker a peace with their kindred spirits in the Renegades? Or do these trained child soldiers still have one wild card left in their assault on authority?

This is probably one that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re a fan of massive super-powered battles. Harbinger Wars has been a very solid first ‘big event’ for Valiant and it’s only going to ramp up even more with crossovers into Bloodshot and the stand alone Harbinger Wars miniseries.

Generation Zero goes in for the kill in Harbinger #12 from the creative team of writer Joshua Dysart and artists Khari Evans and Trevor Hairsine on May 8th.

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