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Get a closer look at Bungie’s Destiny on PS4

Bungie’s next big thing will be making the jump to the PS4 and the developer gave fans a a little bit of a closer look at the connected FPS in a just released video presentation (gameplay!).

From all the talk about how ‘connected’ socially Destiny is going to be, it looks like a very big game indeed. I can’t really think of any other FPS other than maybe DUST that really ‘gets’ the idea of a persistent online world right now.

And even in DUST, the story elements aren’t really there. You have to head into the PC world of EVE (the game that DUST is tied into) to get that part of things. From hearing Bungie’s take on Destiny, it sounds as though the developer is as focused on story as it ever has been.

Also very much worth mentioning is that Destiny isn’t just a next-gen game by any means. The title is currently scheduled to appear on the PS4 (complete with exclusives for that platform), but it’ll also be showing up on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Just what those versions of the game will look like is still to be shown.

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