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Watch your Borderlands 2 Xbox saves, there’s a bug going around

According to a statement going around today, some bad code is wiping players saves- and it’s catchy.

Catchy in the most literal sense, that is. Developer Gearbox is actually going so far as to advise players to play online only with friends and people they know to avoid catching a pretty bad bit of corruption that’s being spread by some Xbox Live players using an exploit.

Reportedly, the ‘exploit’ in question (called Graveyard) is related to a ‘hardcore’ game mode left in by the dev team. The people using this code are doing so with the help of an “external application” and basically are disrupting the experience of ‘normal’ users just out to play B2 and have a good time.

And the reason that Gearbox is suggesting playing only with friends right now is that if you play with someone using the bad bit of code (or someone who’s played with someone who has), you could catch the fever as it were and spread it to your game. That’d be kind of crappy for you as, since you’re not using the exploit, the code would presumably cause a nasty little error in the game and would erase your saves.

A few things here: number one- this issue affects the Xbox version of the game only, so all you PS3 and PC players can carry on as usual. Number two, there’s a fix out right now in the process of being approved by Microsoft, so this shouldn’t last all that long. And number three, there’s a temporary fix that you can employ as of this writing.

Before you quit your game, select ‘save and quit’ from the pause menu in game (while your character is alive and active). If you’re avatar is killed in the game and you end up at the main menu- immediately select ‘continue’ and resume play. Just in case you’ve been infected, that should help a bit while the fix goes through certification.

Also, if you should run into anything suspicious while your playing (I guess you’ll know it if you see it) hit up [email protected] and let ’em know. Every little bit helps.

Source: MCV

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