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Capture the Rooster Leaving Overwatch

Sorry guys, Capture the Rooster isn’t here to stay Recently, Overwatch introduced a new game mode, Capture the Rooster. Essentially, it’s capture the flag, but with a few twists on it to fit it into Overwatch. For example, there is a delay to keep players from picking up the flag …

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Horatio Update Hits Endless Space 2

The Horatio are back and are still narcissists Endless Space 2 has been in Early Access for a couple of months now, and is doing fairly well. Four fifths of the reviews on Steam are positive, and feedback overall is quite warm. One major update has already graced the game, …

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Nintendo Switch Free Game Limitations

Nintendo Switch Release

The Nintendo Switch has a catch with its free games The Nintendo Switch has been announced, and around here the reaction has been rather warm. Even I have talked about how I am cautiously optimistic towards it. However, something I brought up then was the Nintendo Switch charging for multiplayer. …

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Half-Life 3 Unlikely to Ever Happen

Sadly, Half-Life 3 seems to never be coming out. Half-Life 3 has become memetic among the gaming community. Being an awaited continuation of a beloved gaming franchise. However, recent evidence has been brought to light that it will never be made. Andrew Reiner of GameInformer has published an article regarding …

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