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Ditto Added to Pokemon Go At Last

Ditto finally makes an appearance. Quite a few people have been making jokes regarding Ditto Pokemon Go, specifically about its lack of a presence. It is unique among Pokemon in that it can assume the shape of other Pokemon. Because of this, the popular joke is that it actually was …

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Pokemon Go to Recieve New Buddy System

Buddy Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go Pokemon Go has seen quite a few updates as of late, and another is just around the corner. This time, a brand new feature is being added, Buddy Pokemon. How it works is that players pick a buddy Pokemon that appears next to them …

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Pokemon Go Bug Problems and Reactions

Pokemon Go is running into a couple of problems Pokemon Go has recently been taking the world by storm. With tens of millions of downloads, it’s not only become one of the most popular Pokemon games, but one of the most popular games in history. That being said, it is …

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