Bethesda Cancels Prey 2 Due to Quality Concerns

According to IGN, Bethesda has canceled development of Prey 2. Bethesda vice president Pete Hines confirms the cancellation citing that the quality was not meeting company standards. In March 2011, Bethesda announced that Human Head Studios would develop Prey 2 with a probable release in 2012. Despite major backing and…
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Halloween movie poster

Halloween (Retro Movie) Review

And now, for the review you’ve all been waiting for (probably not, but let’s roll with it anyway), the final horror movie review of Brutal Gamer’s Month of Terror… Halloween.
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Details on the “The Dark Below” the next DLC for Destiny

Details for the first round of DLC for Bungie’s Destiny, The Dark Below, has been released. The DLC will contain a new story surrounding The Hive. Three new story missions will have the Guardians battling The Hive in the Hellmouth. There will also be a ton of new gear, a…
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Dying Light logo splash

Techland brings a zombie on board for Dying Light development. What could go wrong?

Hiring a zombie named Steve to consult on the new Dying Light game from Techand seems like a perfectly sane thing to do.
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A godly preview, hands on with Godus

In Godus, you are a god, who works towards building a place for your followers to live. You accomplish this by terraforming the landscape and allowing your people to build abodes. A game by 22cans and released for Early Access in September 2013, Godus is similar in play-style to a mobile…
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Super Smash Bros Wii U box art

Super Smash Bros first game to allow pre-loading on Wii U

Nintendo is hopping on the pre-loading bandwagon and doing it in short order.
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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (PC) Review

We were all thinking it: why can’t Borderlands be in space and what’s the story with Handsome Jack? Well, 2K heard these cries and answered with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel(!), developed by 2K Australia with Gearbox.
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Avengers 2 poster

Marvel outlines official film lineup for ‘phase 3′ of the MCU

Disney and Marvel have mdd it official, Civil War is coming… and so are the Inhumans, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and the Infinity War.
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Star Wars: Battlefront to release Holiday 2015

Sorry Battlefield fans, your needs will take backseat to the Star Wars addicts. EA has confirmed that their next big holiday release will be Star Wars: Battlefront during Holiday 2015. An IGN article cites Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson as confirming the news during an investor relations call, stating his…
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Retro Movie) Review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that special kind of horror that doesn’t seem to show up any more.
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Ethan Carter box

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PC) Review

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a rare kind of game. One that only comes by once in a great while, but when it does, it’s a masterpiece.
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The Last Door (PC) Review

What’s beyond… The Last Door?
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Evolve Big Alpha Trailer

Prepare for hunting season. Turtle Rock Studios has just released another trailer for their award winning co-op/competitive shooter Evolve, focusing on the playable big baddie. The trailer was released to announce a new closed “Big Alpha” testing that you gain access to with pre-order along with a savage goliath skin…
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Alien Isolation (Xbox One) Review

Alien: Isolation looks not to the second Alien film (you know, the one with the Colonial Marines?), but to the first, in an attempt to create a good old fashioned sense of creeping horror for gamers.

The Evil Within (Xbox One) Review

It’s about time we get back to true survival horror! I adore The Evil Within, and it’s review is an absolutely wonderful addition to BG’s Month of Terror. The Evil Within was designed to bring true survival horror back to life; and it did… with all it’s bloody, tense glory.
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Square Enix to develop Kingdom Hearts III on Unreal Engine 4

Get ready to see a whole new Sora and gang as Square Enix has decided to develop Kingdom Hearts III on Unreal Engine 4. This is a strange move for Square as they generally use their own engines to develop games and Epic Games owns Unreal. While unusual, it is…
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