Tales from the Borderlands ep 3 unnamed

Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3: Catch a Ride (Xbox One) Review

Rhys and Fiona return in Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3: Catch a Ride.
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Battlebots reboot

Battlebots Reboot Ep. 1 (TV) Review

An hyped room with flashing lights and giant cage arena in the middle, the new Battlebots reboot is a jacked-up, adrenaline fueled ride in robotic battle. Six episode mini-series, this Battlebots is a tournament to see which robot is the biggest, baddest in the ring.
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E3 2015: Telltale announces The Walking Dead spinoff starring Michonne

The katana-wielding, zombie-slicing badass known as Michonne is getting her own adventure game from the masters of the undead over at Telltale Games.
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Microsoft and Sony Change Tactics with Exclusivity

Watching the new gameplay trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider, I was so excited and amazed at how the game looked, but I was still disappointed. The problem: it’s only coming to Xbox One for now.
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TriFrce E3 sale

If you like awesome stuff, check out Project TriForce’s E3 sale

Celebrating the biggest gaming event of the year with sale prices on some of the most awesome gaming collectibles out there, Project TriForce has a pretty solid sale happening right now.
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The Gates of Hell Open Once Again in DOOM

About a month ago, Bethesda released a 10 second trailer that shook me down to the core, DOOM. Yesterday at the Bethesda press conference at E3, they elaborated more with another trailer, as well as almost 15 minutes of gameplay.  The demo featured an array of plasma and hellfire slinging…
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E3 2015: Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Every Announcement

The Microsoft press conference blew all expectations out of the water, with a massive lineup of the expected triple A giants, some fresh new IP’s hot out of the oven, and a slew of fantastic indie games. The conference started out with a Halo 5: Guardians demo. Guardians marks the…
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E3 2015: Prepare to die! Again! Dark Souls III confirmed for early 2016

Bandai Namco’s super hard series Dark Souls  is back for another outing.
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Sonic Fire and Ice SBFI_3DS_keyart_large_1433865264

Sonic Boom returning to the Nintendo 3DS with Fire & Ice

Looks like Sega hasn’t given up on the Sonic Boom spinoff series just yet.
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Shadow Warrior 2 - Screen 5

Shadow Warrior 2 announced, boasts even more Wang

Puns aside, Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior remake is about to get a sequel. And this time, Lo Wang’s brought a few friends to the party.
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HItman Sniper 2048x1536_carpet

Agent 47 takes aim at mobiles with Hitman: Sniper

A “leaderboard-driven, competitive sniping game”, Hitman: Sniper is looking like a whole lot of fun for mobiles, and a nice addition to the Hitman mobile family.
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Brace yourselves Fallout Fans.

I’m curious as to what Bethesda will announce tomorrow as E3 is just around the corner. Are we going to get an announcement trailer tomorrow and a release date at E3? or are Bethesda going to exclude Fallout 4 from the E3 show entirely. We will have to wait until…
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Carmageddon_Reincarnation box

Carmageddon: Reincarnation (PC) Review

I’m afraid that there’s no fair way I could review Carmageddon. I’ve talked to people who really enjoyed it, but my experience has been the exact opposite. So sit back, and just listen to my tale of woe.
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Ps Plus

PS Plus June Line-Up Revealed

Sony have announced the free games coming to PS plus this week. And they have certainly delivered.   For the month of June we kick off with headliner Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Joining this for PS4 we also have; Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition, Super Exploding Zoo…
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Colder Toss the Bones

New Colder series announced for this Fall

Another mini-series in the Colder line of comics is on the way, as Dark Horse Comics just announced at Phoenix Comic Con.
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Previews intros new McFarlane The Walking Dead figure 2 pack

Abraham and Carl join the McFarlane The Walking Dead line as a Previews exclusive 2 pack.
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