the wolf among us chapter 5

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 (PC) Review

Once upon a time, there was a game critic who was told to review a game about one of his favorite book series, based upon classical fairy tales. He played it, made (most of) the right decisions, and lived happily ever after.
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GoT The Sworn Sword cover

SDCC 2014: comiXology preps giveaways, signings, panels and more

The Amazon-owned digital publishing platform is set for a big showing at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego. Update: New times and corrections as well as the addition of Mike S. Miller, who’ll be signing alongside George R.R. Martin.
Posted 22 Jul 2014 | Comics, Movies & TV, News, past, SDCC | 0 Comments
NeedforSpeed - Copy

Need for Speed (DVD) Review

Street racer Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) is the best at what he does. He may not have the money that his rival Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper) has or the cars but he has the raw talent to win.
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Feature Friday: When video game heroes are zeros

We all have our favorite heroes and protagonists in the games we play, but sometimes those well thought-out and ‘perfectly’ crafted leading men and women are just, well, aggravating.
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SDCC 2014: DST returns to the con with lounge at Taste and Thirst on 4th

If you’re a Comic Con regular, then you already know that Diamond Select has as permanent a presence as you can get at the show. And if that’s the case, then it should come as no surprise to hear that they’ll once again be hosting the DST Lounge at Taste and…
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Marvel announces Star Wars omnibus collecting the classic series

The original Star Wars comics get a rebirth as a part of the franchise’s return to Marvel.
Posted 16 Jul 2014 | Comics, News, past | 0 Comments
xmendisc1 - Copy

X-Men Episodes 1-2 (DVD) Review

The classic 1990s animated series comes to DVD in bite sized releases. We review the first solo disc release of X-Men in the Treat Size Introduces collection from Walk.
Posted 16 Jul 2014 | Movies & TV, Movies & TV, past, Reviews | 0 Comments

Robin, Captain Falcon, and Lucina all join Super Smash Brothers

Well now, this is a surprise. For the first time ever, Fire Emblem gets four, count em four representatives. Not only that, but everyone’s favorite captain is back in the game. The reveal trailer starts out showing Lucina fighting Captain Falcon, though she appears to be having a bit of…
Posted 14 Jul 2014 | 3DS, News, Nintendo, past, Wii U | 2 Comments
Blackwell Deception iOS

Blackwell adventure titles point and click onto iOS

Wadjet Eye’s series of classically styled adventure titles is now available for your pointing and tapping pleasure on iOS.
Posted 14 Jul 2014 | Apple, News, past | 0 Comments
Dragon Age Inquisition logo

Dragon Age: Inquisition impressions and new gameplay trailers

Inquisition might be the best looking RPG you’ll play this year, and one of the most interesting.
Posted 11 Jul 2014 | News, past, PC, Preview, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Mix it up with Juan and Tostada in couch Co-op in "Guacamelee! STCE"

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One) Review

“Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition” is a lot like a really good guacamole.
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Report – Crytek UK staffing issues Continue

According to various sources at Crytek, the indie Game developer behind the Crysis and Ryse series, are still facing money troubles and as such staff are no longer going to work. This cant be good news are numerous reports are circulating which state that the company are having trouble paying…
Posted 11 Jul 2014 | industry, News, past | 0 Comments

Full Bore (PC) Review

To all of the people who ever wanted to play as a bore and mine for gems in a seemingly endless and confusing mine, congratulations, as game developer Whole Hog Games has created a game specifically for all five of you.
Posted 10 Jul 2014 | past, PC, Reviews | 0 Comments

Marvel’s Icon imprint welcomes Men of Wrath in October

Violence is a family tradition in the newest book from New York Times bestselling writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney.
Posted 10 Jul 2014 | Comics, News, past | 0 Comments
Dead Island 2 X1 box

Deep Silver opens up fan vote for Dead Island 2 Collector’s Edition contents

Much like with Dead Island Riptide and Saints Row IV before it, fans can now vote on the contents of the Dead Island 2 Collector’s Edition box.
Posted 09 Jul 2014 | News, past, PC, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Daredevil #6 sheds light on the Original Sins of the Murdocks

Matt Murdock’s family has always been something of a mystery. Thanks to Original Sin and the Watcher’s eyes though, the fog is about to be lifted.
Posted 01 Jul 2014 | Comics, News, past | 0 Comments
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