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Empoleon Surfs into Pokken Tournament


Empoleon joins Pokken Tournament’s arcade roster on December 15, 2016. Pokken Tournament’s line-up of Pokemon fighters is about to expand again (in arcades) with the introduction of the regal emperor penguin Pokemon, 4th generation Water Starter Empoleon. The Water-Steel type looks to pack a respectable punch, using his flipper/claw hybrids, …

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Savage #1 (Comic) Review

When I first read the description of Savage, from Valiant, I was instantly in love with the concept. A rich soccer star crash lands on a dinosaur infested island with his wife and baby child sounds like a perfect way to mash up dinosaurs with a Tarzan type story. Unfortunately …

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Brutal Podcast: Doom is just Half Life

We have some controversial hot takes on this week’s podcast. Erich seems to be convinced that Doom is just a ripoff of Half Life, and Half Life is just a rip off of Doom! In valuable discussion, though, we talk about Ditto appearing in Pokemon Go, the newest update for …

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Halo: Tales From The Slipspace (Comic) Review

Halo Tales From Slipspace

Halo: Tales from the Slipspace is Dark Horse’s new upcoming anthology comic based on the blockbuster sci-fi shooter series. The comic feature 7 stories making it an essential reading for all Halo Fans. So lets have a brief overview about the each story. The first story is titled.. Something has happened: …

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