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Tempest Expansion Avaliable for Endless Legend


Tempest brings Endless Legend into uncharted waters. Endless Legend and expansions go hand and hand. There have been half a dozen for the game in total, three major and three minor.  The major expansions add a great deal, two of them having added new factions. Tempest, the latest major expansion, …

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Endless Space 2 Released on Early Access


Endless Space 2 is finally available for play Back in 2012, Amplitude Studios released the original Endless Space.  It was a 4X game set that started the Endless universe. They would proceed to make two more games in said universe, as well as several major updates to Endless Space.  The …

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Playstation Plus Games for October Announced


The latest batch of Playstation Plus games were announced this morning, and fans of the service should probable be pretty happy. Playstation 4 is getting Luigi’s Mansion- I mean Resident Evil. This is the remake that came out a year or two ago. The console is also getting Transformers: Devastation. …

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The Rabbit And The Owl (PC) Preview

The Rabbit and the Owl

The Rabbit and the Owl is a co-op puzzle-platformer by Formal Sheep studio which introduces a negative space landscape. Puzzle-platformer games are one of the oldest genres in all of video games. It’s also one of the most popular genres among casual as well as hardcore gamers. And why not?!! They …

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Ports of Darkest Dungeon to Receive Bonus Content


Playstation Darkest Dungeon players have a few extras to look forward to. Darkest Dungeon was a game that exited Early Access at the dawn of the new year. Critically and commercially successful, it was, therefore, a strong first outing for Red Hook Studios. It was so successful that they announced …

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