The Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Retro Movie) Review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that special kind of horror that doesn’t seem to show up any more.
Posted 24 Oct 2014 | Movies & TV, Movies & TV, News, past, Retro Review, Reviews | 0 Comments
Ethan Carter box

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PC) Review

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a rare kind of game. One that only comes by once in a great while, but when it does, it’s a masterpiece.
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The Last Door (PC) Review

What’s beyond… The Last Door?
Posted 23 Oct 2014 | Halloween, past, PC, PC Reviews, Reviews | 0 Comments

Evolve Big Alpha Trailer

Prepare for hunting season. Turtle Rock Studios has just released another trailer for their award winning co-op/competitive shooter Evolve, focusing on the playable big baddie. The trailer was released to announce a new closed “Big Alpha” testing that you gain access to with pre-order along with a savage goliath skin…
Posted 21 Oct 2014 | Halloween, News, past, PC, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Alien Isolation (Xbox One) Review

Alien: Isolation looks not to the second Alien film (you know, the one with the Colonial Marines?), but to the first, in an attempt to create a good old fashioned sense of creeping horror for gamers.

The Evil Within (Xbox One) Review

It’s about time we get back to true survival horror! I adore The Evil Within, and it’s review is an absolutely wonderful addition to BG’s Month of Terror. The Evil Within was designed to bring true survival horror back to life; and it did… with all it’s bloody, tense glory.
Posted 20 Oct 2014 | past, PC, PS3, PS4, Reviews, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One | 3 Comments

Square Enix to develop Kingdom Hearts III on Unreal Engine 4

Get ready to see a whole new Sora and gang as Square Enix has decided to develop Kingdom Hearts III on Unreal Engine 4. This is a strange move for Square as they generally use their own engines to develop games and Epic Games owns Unreal. While unusual, it is…
Posted 17 Oct 2014 | industry, News, past, PS4, Xbox One | 1 Comment
Maximum Overdrive poster

Maximum Overdrive (Retro Movie) Review

Ha! Not what you were expecting me to review during horror month, eh?…Ha…ha…*sigh*.
Posted 17 Oct 2014 | Movies & TV, News, past, Retro Review, Reviews | 2 Comments

Fenix Rage (PC) Review

While I am an absolute scrub at platform games, I do enjoy the difficulty and the frustrations that come with those games. Fenix Rage is no exception in this, it comes with all the highs and lows of a platformer. The learning curve is fair, although sometimes tough to bite…
Posted 15 Oct 2014 | Apple, News, past, PC Reviews, PS Vita, PS4, Reviews, Xbox One | 0 Comments

NYCC 2014: Diamond booth tour

Have a look around the Diamond booth at some of the best stuff that’s on the way to Previews magazine, and eventually comic and specialty stores.
Posted 15 Oct 2014 | Collectables, Comics, News, NYCC, past | 0 Comments
Over 9k Zombies logo

Hands on with Over 9k Zombies! on the PC (that’s a lot of hands)

Let’s get the obvious joke over with. Over nine-thousand zombies? That’s not possible!!!!!! Okay, are you happy now? On with the preview.
Posted 14 Oct 2014 | News, past, PC, Preview | 0 Comments

Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 3 Alpha footage

New footage of the Alpha build of Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been leaked. This footage is from the Free Radical’s version of Battlefront 3. After several years in development, Battlefront 3 for the Xbox 360 was cancelled. As seen from the footage this footage is from a Xbox 360…
Posted 14 Oct 2014 | Microsoft, past, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 2 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s Case against Rockstar Continues.

The plot thickens…. Now cast your mind back a little while and you will remember that Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan mounted a case against Rockstar games a in which she argued the bikini clad cover girl is based on her, and also the character Lacey Jones who was a failed…
Posted 14 Oct 2014 | industry, News, past | 0 Comments

NYCC 2014: Diamond Select booth tour

DST brought some very cool new Minimates, a pair of new Marvel ‘Mego style’ box sets, and two new additions to the Marvel Select series.
Posted 13 Oct 2014 | Collectables, Comics, Movies & TV, News, NYCC, past | 0 Comments

Annabelle [2014] (Movie) Review

Its the month of scares and the prequal to The Conjuring tries its hardest to scare the audience but ultimately falls short at the final end.
Posted 10 Oct 2014 | Movies & TV, Movies & TV, News, past, Reviews | 0 Comments
Friday the 13th movie poster

Friday the 13th (Retro Movie) Review

It’s… not my favorite horror movie. In fact, I actually didn’t enjoy Friday the 13th. I can see how that at the time that it would have been cool, but it did not age well, unlike other movies from the time (cough Nightmare on Elm Street cough).
Posted 10 Oct 2014 | Movies & TV, Movies & TV, News, past, Retro Review, Reviews | 0 Comments
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