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Xbox Live Games With Gold For March

This March, Xbox Live members will receive Layers of Fear, Evolve: Ultimate Edition, Borderlands 2 and Heavy Weapon as part of the Games with Gold Program. Xbox One Games With Gold Starting on March 1, Xbox Live members can download Layer of Fear. From the bloober team comes a horror title …

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It Is Hard To Be Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

Times are tough and it is hard to be Fogotton Anne. Lost in the Forgotten Lands, Anne is policing the indigenous creatures, the Forgotttings. These magical creatures are a collection of forgotten items. Together with her partner, Bonku, these two travelers are working on getting home from the Forgotten Lands. …

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Big 8-Bit Scares In Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a survival horror throwback to the 8-bit era of video games. Cowardly Creations has created a 2D, story-driven narrative about a security guard named Tom. This normally quiet facility is full of mysteries but Tom is about to stumble across someone or something evil. Meet Tom, He …

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