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The Series X is coming, but some games might see delay

Phil Spencer has confirmed once again that the Xbox Series X is on target for Holiday 2020. The games though, well some of those might see a delay.

Delay of game(s)

As any gamer will tell you, the launch of the next generation is right around the corner. With Sony and Microsoft both readying their new machines for the 2020 holiday season, it should once again be a very interesting time for the industry.

Both companies have recently confirmed that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are still on track for launch too. That’s despite the coronavirus pandemic. So gamers will have some new toys to play with come quarter 4. One thing that’s been a little more mysterious though, are the games to play on those new boxes.

This week, Microsoft’s head of all things Xbox, Phil Spencer made things a tiny bit less murky. In a CNBC interview, Spencer said that some games might well see delay, and that Microsoft won’t push the teams if “things just aren’t ready.” But even with that warning, there’s likely to be a few big names, including Halo Infinite.

That’s clearly MS’ biggest game for the holidays, as well as a title that’s set to bring Halo back to glory. It’s also a game that’s been in the works for some time already, which is important to note. On top of that, Hellblade will presumably be there as well, and CD Projekt Red’s next-gen version of Cyberpunk might be too. That last one is essentially a port, remember.

So more likely than not, there’ll be plenty to keep you occupied. Still, if you’re looking to get a Series X, it’s probably best to watch the news and track the releases that you really want, just in case.

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