Stairway to Nerdom: Emerald City Comic Con 2015

Emerald City Comic Con stormed Seattle this past weekend and rained geeky awesome all over downtown. Though plagued by last minute celebrity cancellations, there were many amazing and gracious guests. Not simply focused on comics, fans of sci-fi, anime, and fantasy congregated to celebrate. Emerald City Comic Con was a great…
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MomoCon brings gaming giants to Atlanta this May

One of the biggest fan-cons in the US, and the biggest in the SouthEast, MomoCon is ready to deliver some gaming goodness to fans in the Atlanta area.
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Nintendo demands fan-made Super Mario 64 level be pulled

Roystan Ross made the first level of Super Mario 64 in Unity as he was learning to use the software. Long story short, it turned out really great and he made it playable online. You know what happened next already don’t you?
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Tweeted threats cause Mortal Kombat X producer to quit the social media service

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen a gaming-related personality and/or talent take leave of social media, and it probably won’t be the last.
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super bitcon

Up close and personal, a weekend at Super! Bitcon 2015

For those of you who don’t know, Super! Bitcon is a gaming convention in Oklahoma City, hosted by the Retro Gamers Society. This past weekend was the second year in a row it’s been going, and just as fitting, it’s almost twice as big as it was when it started….
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Matt Hill


Bringing characters to life is more than just providing entertainment to people that are watching, and listening. For Canadian voice actor Matt Hill it’s his gift to the world.
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Susan Roman


Sailor Jupiter is the very definition of strength, and she was brought to life by Susan Roman in all four seasons of the original English dub of Sailor Moon.
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Sony Confirms Evolution Layoffs

Layoffs at Evolution have been confirmed by Sony. Fifty-five people are looking for a new job this week as it was confirmed that nearly half the studio was let go. This is troubling news considering Evolution’s latest DriveClub was delayed repeatedly and then had major issues upon release. This is…
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Nintendo’s Iwata cans rumors of a Zelda TV series and Wii U price drop

In an interview with Time magazine, the Nintendo chief has quashed any talk of a live-action (or otherwise) Netflix Legend of Zelda series, as well as any price drop for the Wii U.
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A Hideo Kojima Game

Konami’s and Kojima’s Future After Metal Gear Solid V

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen the news/rumor of a falling out between Kojima and Konami. Honestly, at this point, it is pretty much a given that by the end of the year Kojima will probably be leaving; however, as neither party has actually confirmed or denied…
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Kojima’s Name Removed from Metal Gear Solid V Tagline

The rumor mill is running high this morning in regards to Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, and Konami. It appears that Kojima and Konami might be parting ways. This is based on some circumstantial evidence that has not been confirmed by either party, but the time is curious….
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TESO Imperial_Salute_1391767102

Tamriel goes unlimited starting today in The Elder Scrolls Online

No subscription fees, and all the Elder Scrolls action you could want. This is Tamriel Unlimited.
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Powers Feature

In-Game Video Chat for PS4 Teased During Episode of Powers

Is the PS4 getting in-game video chat!?!? Sony has just released Powers, a comic book based TV show made and produced by Sony and available exclusively on PlayStation. During an episode, a male character is playing inFamous Second Son and part of the screen is divided to show a video…
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Nintendo is working on a new console, codenamed the NX

Details are nearly nonexistent, but there will be a new Nintendo console talked about sometime soon, and it’s codenamed the NX.
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Orphan Black #1

Diamond Comics’ top sellers for February include Ultron, Orphan Black, and more

The best selling stuff for the month of February, 2015 was an interesting lot indeed. With Orphan Black #1 surprisingly taking the number one spot for comics and The Avengers villain Ultron nabbing the honors for toys.
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GDC 2015 splash

GDC 2015 Marks A Move Towards Inclusion and Diversity in Gaming

The week of technology and development known as the Game Developers Conference, GDC, in San Francisco has officially wrapped for 2015. With all the topics covered, it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint one thread or idea pervading the whole conference; nevertheless, changes within the industry can be seen upon closer inspection.
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