Sony’s Regional President Claims PS4 is Dominating European Market

Sony sees no reason to drop the price of the PS4 due to success of the console in Europe, according to SCEE President Jim Ryan. Ryan stated PS4 accounts for at least 7 out of every 10 consoles sold in the various European countries and even reaching 9 in select…
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Have a Phablet? Then you won’t really be able to use Fallout 4′s Pip-Boy.

Some bad news today for those of us with ‘phablets’; they won’t work with that neat-o Pip-Boy that’s included in the Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition.
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Star Wars Battlefront E3 Screen 5_Weapon Variety WM

EA may delay Battlefront if it’s not “right”

Electronic Arts really wants Star Wars Battlefront to be perfect.
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Square Enix

Yoichi Wada Steps Down as Chairman of Square Enix

Yoichi Wada stepped down as Chairman of Square Enix to devote himself to the cloud gaming company, Shinra Technologies. Wada saw the potential of cloud-computing in gaming and established Shinra Technologies, a subsidiary of Square Enix, in 2014 to create cloud-gaming technology. Yoichi Wada has been with Square Enix since…
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1 TB PS4

Sony Reveals New Version of PS4

Sony announced a new version of the PS4 designed to be lighter and more efficient than its predecessor.
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Dark Horse comiXology

Dark Horse Comics hits digital comics service comiXology

Dark Horse has officially crashed the comiXologty party, joining the largest and most widely used comic book e-reading engine.
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At some point every gamer wonders “What does it take to develop the games we love?” 
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Tearaway Unfolded is a Hidden Gem in Sony’s E3 Line up

A beautiful expansion of the Vita version, Tearaway Unfolded bursts off the screen and into you heart.   Tearaway was developed by Media Molecule, the studio behind Little Big Planet. Unfolded takes the original Vita game and expands not only the story, but the world and how you interact with it on the PS4. One of…
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Microsoft and Sony Change Tactics with Exclusivity

Watching the new gameplay trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider, I was so excited and amazed at how the game looked, but I was still disappointed. The problem: it’s only coming to Xbox One for now.
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Call of Duty welcomes in fan and NFL pro Marshawn Lynch

Yes, Marshawn Lynch will be co-starring in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Yes… that Marshawn Lynch.
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Kingdom hearts 3


Fans have been waiting to hear more about Kingdom Hearts 3, and  this new trailer gives us a taste of the storyline, and gameplay.
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Nintendo is celebrating 30 amazing years of their most popular franchise Super Mario.
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E3 2015 Ubisoft deliver delights and distress all in one show!

Well, let me first say, Ubi really have topped themselves after last years E3, that is for certain, jammed packed this year with more content than ever, new releases, teasers, demos, what more could you ask for seriously? As an avid Ubi fangirl, i am slightly biased, but this year…
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E3 – Sony Reveals Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yes. You Read that correctly, not a port, not a remaster, A REMAKE. The crowd went mental, the internet broke, Twitter hash tag’s were going off the chain. Final Fantasy VII will be hitting PS4 first. Sony showed off a trailer seen below; It’s not all bad news for other…
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Sony E3 Press Conference

Sony E3 Press Conference Delivers on Exclusivity Promises

Sony kicked off their E3 week with an amazing press conference that addressed many questions fans had. SCEA President and CEO Shawn Layden said games drive innovation and are a hub of connection and interaction. Their E3 presentation reflected that view, introducing new and interesting games. Their presentation delivered on…
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Hosted by Kevin Pereira the first Nintendo World Championships after 25 years was a blast to watch and experience.
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