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Windows 10 Press Event Reveals Microsoft’s Plan for Integrated Home Entertainment

Microsoft is unveiling a plethora of new things coming with the new Windows 10. This new operating system appears to be how Microsoft is fulfilling the promise of the all-in-one home entertainment system. You will now be able to stream your Xbox games on your computer or tablet via an…
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Is Apple planning on building a joystick onto future iDevices?

It looks like an analog nub might be in the cards for Apple’s line of gadgets if a new patent is to be believed.
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Sony to close up Canadian retail centers

Sorry Canadian Sony fans, it looks like the company is pulling out of retail in the Great White North.
Posted 20 Jan 2015 | industry, News, Sony | 0 Comments
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Console numbers for Holiday 2014 are rosy for the big three

All three of the major console-makers have something to be happy about for 2014.
Posted 19 Jan 2015 | industry, Microsoft, News, Nintendo, PS4, Sony, Wii U, Xbox One | 0 Comments
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Nintendo has sold a whole bunch of Amiibo

Well, it looks like Nintendo’s Amiibo are a hit. Shocking, I know.
Posted 19 Jan 2015 | 3DS, industry, News, Nintendo, Wii U | 0 Comments
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Man Arrested in Connection to the Christmas DDOS Attacks

One arrest has been made in regards to the Christmas DDOS attacks on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Early this morning an eighteen year old male was arrested in Southport for unauthorized access to computer material as well as providing false information to US law enforcement. The suspect will also…
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Video games are a great past time because they can offer players entertainment, storylines, relatable characters, and even inspire them to build the weapons from those video games.
Posted 13 Jan 2015 | Featured Articles, industry, Interview, Movies & TV, premiere | 2 Comments

Gaze into BG’s crystal ball and behold our predictions for 2015!

Video games had a big year in 2014. Gamergate, failed launches, and exciting new games made this past year one to remember, and the new year of 2015 is starting to take shape as another exciting 12 months.
Posted 12 Jan 2015 | Editorials, Featured Articles, industry, Microsoft, News, Nintendo, past, PC, Sony | 0 Comments
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IDW picks up Top Shelf Productions

IDW has acquired indie graphic novel publisher Top Shelf Productions in a deal that’s set to keep the publishers as separate entities.
Posted 08 Jan 2015 | Comics, industry, News | 0 Comments
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Microsoft and Sling TV Team Up to Bring Television to Xbox One

Microsoft is teaming up with Sling TV to bring the best of television channels, video-on-demand, and internet videos to Xbox Live members.  Sling TV is swinging at the current cable giants. Backed by DISH, Sling TV does not require a contract, credit check, installation of hardware, or hidden fees. At this…
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Microsoft Unlocks Seventh Core of Xbox One to Developers

Over the holidays hacker group H4LT exposed some interesting information about the Xbox One. The group released Xbox One development tools, firmware, and documentation, including the fact that Microsoft freed up space on a seventh core processor for developers. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have eight CPU cores, reserving…
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Missing Far Cry 4 from Xbox One causes major problems for digital players

Ubisoft are said to be treating reports of Far cry 4 digital copies unplayable, as a ‘matter of urgency’. The issue has been reported on various sites such as Reddit this morning, some players who digitally downloaded their copies from the Xbox Store have found the game has been removed…
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Destiny internal leaked photo has sparked DLC Rumours

Rumours have ignited amongst fans of best selling Destiny as a ‘leaked photo’ from a supposed Bungie meeting shows what is apparently their layout for all upcoming DLC. Not alot of detail has been revealed but there are the sames an a few bits of information to go along with…
Posted 03 Jan 2015 | industry, News, PS3, PS4, Rumor, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 2 Comments

Origin Users Hit with Fraudulent Purchases

If you have an Origin account, carefully check your purchases as reports of false charges are piling up. At this moment, it does not appear to be the work of a hack on Origin/EA. EA is asking all customers to use unique IDs and passwords as well as report any…
Posted 31 Dec 2014 | industry, News, PC | 0 Comments
Original cover art for True Crime: Hong Kong

True Crime trademark abandoned, sequel just about dead

Bad news if you were waiting on a ‘true’ sequel to True Crime. Activision’s crime action epic is finally just about dead. The company has officially let the trademark on the name expire and doesn’t look to have any interest in picking it up any time soon.
Posted 30 Dec 2014 | industry, News | 0 Comments

Notch’s New Digs Rebuilt Entirely In Minecraft.

It was reported earlie this week that Notch, the creator of smash hit Minecraft had brought a manion in Beverley Hills costing a staggering $70M.   It has only took a few days after this news surfaced for this house to be built in Minecraft. The credits go to British…
Posted 21 Dec 2014 | Editorials, industry, News | 0 Comments
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