On Wednesday December 10 2014 indie game developers Popcannibal and Dejobaan Games, released Elegy  for a Dead World on Steam. Since its release the game has been positively received among the gaming community. Synopsis courtesy of Ziba Scott: Elegy for a Dead World is a colourful side-scroller adventure game about…
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Square- Enix Releases Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Global Launch Trailer

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has captured the hearts of many across the globe. This heart warming trailer captures the spirit and heart, of fans that have supported the series since the very beginning and how it has changed their lives.
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Ubisoft To Offer ‘Dead Kings’ DLC Free To Assassin’s Creed Unity Owners

Ubisoft offer free DLC as an apology to customers.
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7String: Interview with Comic Book Artist and Illustrator: Nich Angell

  7STRING is an on-going series of graphic novels created by comic book artist and illustrator Nich Angell.
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World Of Warcraft Subscribers Up To 10 Million

The 10 year old MMO receives a huge subscriber bump with the new expansion.
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Launched Too Soon: Should We Expect More Broken Games

November has been a busy launch month; however, some games fell short of the mark. Most notably Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Unity was riddled with bugs cross platforms, rendering it almost unplayable for some. The Halo: The Master Chief Collection release was marred by broken matchmaking for multiplayer. It seems the publishers and…
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Square Enix Releases HD Walkthrough of Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix even does demos big. At the end of October, Square Enix released a tech demo for Final Fantasy XV along with a ten minute walkthrough of the game. Today, Square Enix re-released the ten minute walkthrough, but this time in 1080p.   There is so much in that…
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The Book Of Life: Interview with Jorge Gutierrez

In this exclusive interview with the film’s director and co writer Jorge Gutierrez we will get an inside look at what it took to create The Book of Life and bring it on the big screen. On October 17, 2014 Reel FX Creative Studios and Twentieth Century Fox released the…
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Blizzard Announces Overwatch at BlizzCon 2014

Blizzard announced a new IP Overwatch, a 6v6 multiplayer shooter, today at BlizzCon. This will be Blizzard’s first new franchise in seventeen years. Good news for Blizzard fans considering the announcement of canceling Titan, another MMORGP, a few months ago. Overwatch takes place in the near future on Earth and features…
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Evolve’s Big Alpha Testing a Success Despite Issues

This past Halloween weekend Turtle Rock Studios released their “Big Alpha” testing for those who had pre-ordered Evolve. It was a weekend of highs and some lows for the company, but overall, it appears that Big Alpha was a success. The testing began October 30th for Xbox One users and…
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Bethesda Cancels Prey 2 Due to Quality Concerns

According to IGN, Bethesda has canceled development of Prey 2. Bethesda vice president Pete Hines confirms the cancellation citing that the quality was not meeting company standards.
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Animal gods

A chat with Animal Gods creator Kara Myren (Q and A)

Brutal Gamer got a chance to ask Kara Myren a few questions about her upcoming video game Animal Gods. Animal Gods is set to release on the Wii U, MAC, PC, and Linux systems. Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get interested in making video games? KARA…
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Star Wars: Battlefront to release Holiday 2015

Sorry Battlefield fans, your needs will take backseat to the Star Wars addicts. EA has confirmed that their next big holiday release will be Star Wars: Battlefront during Holiday 2015. An IGN article cites Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson as confirming the news during an investor relations call, stating his…
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Canadian voice actress Kelly Sheridan has had an extensive career in animation. She is notably recognized as the voice of Sango from InuYasha, Hitomi Kanzaki from Vision of Escaflowne, and Diana from Martin Mystery, just to name a few.   Presently she is continuing to lend her voice as Barbie…
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Square Enix to develop Kingdom Hearts III on Unreal Engine 4

Get ready to see a whole new Sora and gang as Square Enix has decided to develop Kingdom Hearts III on Unreal Engine 4. This is a strange move for Square as they generally use their own engines to develop games and Epic Games owns Unreal. While unusual, it is…
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PS2 chosen as the greatest console of all time by Amazon shoppers

Apparently people really loved their PlayStation 2′s, as the second Sony console has been crowned the best of all time by Amazon shoppers.
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