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Fangamer: Are you like me…?

fangamer 2

A fan of many games and movies, but you don’t quite want to wear the tell-tale logo or icon on your shirt. Make people think about what it is, or where it came from? Then you are in luck! Fangamer offers products inspired by the games we love. This puts …

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Extra Life teams with HumbleBundle

Extra Life

Those of you who have been following us for a while, know that several of us enjoy raising money for Extra Life. Well, some of our favorite outlets are teaming up again. HumbleBundle is running another sale, this time on Ubisoft titles. For the next 12 days (approximately), you have …

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Movie pre-orders now a thing


We have known for some time that pre-orders for your video games has been part of the gaming landscape. Pre-order today and recieve extra levels, unique weapons, XP bonus, etc. Some people enjoy these, others see them as overrated hype. Until recently however, this has been unique to video games. And …

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Tetris to get Motion Picture

tetris logo

It was announced today that Tetris is getting and $80 million dollar budget for its own movie. REALLY? Threshold has been working with The Tetris Company for over a year, presumably to flesh out story details and really make sure they were nailing the deep, rich mythology of blocks falling …

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It’s been one year since…

silent hills2

It’s been one year since Konami pulled the plug on what was to be Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s dark masterpiece. Kojima, if there were any doubt, has his hands full with new projects with his independent production company Kojima Productions. Meanwhile Del Toro never seems to rest for long. When not …

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