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Next Rocket League DLC is launching next week

Psyonix’s Rocket League is set to receive its second injection of DLC done right on Oct. 13. The content package includes a number of new cosmetic items, including new toppers and boosts will be available for a reasonable $3.99. Also included with the new cosmetic items are two classic cars…
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Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and 3DS ballot coming to a close

The fighter ballot for Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and 3DS is set to close on Oct. 3. The ballot came around shortly after the WiiU version’s release and allowed people from all over to suggest their favorite characters for Nintendo’s smash up fighter. A poll conducted in August on…
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SF - Ken vs Ryu

Numskull debuts new line of gaming and movie Christmas sweaters

The ugly Christmas Sweater ‘thing’ has gotten pretty huge over the last few years. If you’re a devotee of the trend, then you’re going to want to see apparel-maker Numskull’s brand new series debuting this season.
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Game-building Xbox One title Project Spark looses the micro-transactions

Been holding off on trying your hand at making a game in the Xbox One’s Project Spark for fear of the game’s micro-transactions? Well, your time has finally come.
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Sonic Fire and Ice SBFI_3DS_keyart_large_1433865264

Uh oh, Sega looks to improve profits by offering ‘voluntary retirement’

Not the greatest of signs for Sega, the company is offering voluntary retirement to 200 employees.
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It’s no question that voice acting has shaped the way we experience video games, however earlier this week news broke that our favorite voice actors may be going on strike. SAG-AFTRA has been trying to make negotiations for a better contract between video game performers and video game companies, but…
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Konami now says they’re not done with consoles

The Konami roller-coaster ride continues as the publisher now says that they’re not done with console games or their biggest franchises.
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metal gear solid ground zeroes (1)

Metal Gear Solid V is a hit, but it’s going to have to be a blockbuster to turn a profit

Yes, the latest Metal Gear Solid title is a big fat hit for Konami. Here’s the thing though, it’s going to have to be absolutely massive to be profitable.
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Looks like Konami is done with console games- except for PES

The soccer series known as PES will go on, but it definitely seems as though Konami is all done with making console games.
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GameStop cuts support for digital pack-ins in console bundles

GameStop is taking a stand against digital pack-in copies of games.
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Nintendo is ready to talk to Hollywood again

It looks like the stink of the Super Mario Bros movie has officially wafted away, as Nintendo just might be ready to think about making movies out of their catalog of properties again.
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Xbox One

Xbox One backwards compat might extend to Original Xbox games

If a tweet sent off by Xbox boss Phil Spencer is any indication, backwards compatibility for the original Xbox’ games might be in the Xbox One’s future.
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Looks like Nintendo’s ‘quality of life’ push has been halted

It appears as though, with the death of former president Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s so-called ‘quality of life’ initiative is no longer a priority.
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The feud over, Duke Nukem finally has a permanent home

3D Realms’ and Gearbox ongoing fight over the Duke Nukem license is finally put to rest.
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US Xbox One sales rise 44% in July

Yes, the best selling console in the States this past month was the PS4, but the Xbox One saw a huge 44% increase, year over year.
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Sony to Raise PS Plus Subscriptions in Europe

Sony will raise the price for PlayStation Plus membership for Europe starting September 1st. The price increase will actually only affect one and three month subscription plans while the one year plan will remain the same. In a statement to Eurogamer, Sony states the increase will put the price closer…
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