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Alone in the Dark gets real with “haunted house” event

In a pretty cool turn of events, THQ Nordic created a high-tech haunted house for Alone in the Dark, and invited some online personalities.

They are definitely not alone

We’re only a few days out from the long-awaited arrival of Alone in the Dark. From THQ Nordic and developer Pieces Interactive, this new go at the classic horror series is set to reboot the tale of detective Edward Carnby and that old cursed mansion. This time around the game will sport what looks to be a deeper narrative, a second hero with Emily Hartwood, and a changed setting with the asylum that is Derceto.

And on that note, how’d you like to have visited in real life? That was the question that THQ Nordic posed to a selection of online influencers, who were invited to a mansion on the D’Oyly Carte Island. There, and in conjunction with Havas Entertainment and Realm Pictures, Derceto was brought to high-tech and haunted life for a 60-90 minute experience.

The video that’s just been released showcases this slick looking event, and also lets viewers in on a whole bunch of what went on behind the scenes. It’s some cool stuff, and as a bonus you get to see people running around, scared out of their minds.

In collaboration with Havas Entertainment, THQ Nordic engaged Realm Pictures, who converted a mansion on the private D’Oyly Carte Island into a sinister enclave of terror, a ‘haunted house’. After solving a mysterious puzzle box, participants discovered an invitation to the Haunted House. Upon arrival, they were given instructions, then left to confront the horrors that awaited them on their own, during an immersive 60-90-minute experience, their every move documented by CCTV and bodycam footage.

THQ Nordic press release

Enjoy the video? Well if you want to see a heck of a lot more of those individual runs through ‘Derceto’, you can click right here to see each of them play out on the official site. As for Alone in the Dark itself, the game finally arrives for the PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 this coming week, on March 20th.

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