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Star Trek: DS9 returns to comics

Publisher IDW expands its Star Trek universe of titles with a brand new Deep Space 9 book, set to hit stands in April.

The Emissary returns

One of, if not the most popular Star Trek spin-offs of all time, Deep Space 9 emerged from the TNG era with a style all its own. With plenty of action and some excellent story arcs, DS9 showed that you can have a compelling Trek experience without the Enterprise.

It’s been a good long while too, but we’re about to see that possibly proven once again as the famed station and her crew return to the world of comic books. Could that have something to do with all the licenses being back under one roof at CBSViacom? Maybe. Either way though, it’s good to see the property re-emerging with some new tales to tell.

The new mini-series will be ding just that, as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Too Long a Sacrifice debuts its four issue run this April. The run will be presented by the “longtime” Trek writing team of David and Scott Tipton, with Greg Scott lending his pencils on the art side.

“Set during the most difficult hours of the Dominion War, Too Long a Sacrifice shows the station during trying times: a series of mysterious and seemingly unsolvable terrorist attacks just as the war has everyone strained to the breaking point,” says David Tipton. “We’ll get to see the darker side of life on the station as Odo leads the investigation, with increasingly desperate conditions forcing him and others to deal with new and unexpected allies and to use unusual tactics in their efforts to stop the attacks.”

David Tipton

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