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Final Fantasy 7, Cyberpunk, Iron Man VR all delayed

A series of huge game delays hit this week, including what many are predicting to be a Game of the Year contender in Cyberpunk 2077.

Delay of game… s

Any video game fan knows the delay game well. There are always a number of titles that get hit with a shifting release date every year, and they usually hurt. Last year, Doom Eternal (and Doom 64 with it) got the nudge into 2020 for example.

Mostly, these delays seem to come around in the fall, or late summer, as we approach the Holiday release season. This time though, the harvest came early. Three pretty big releases have gotten the push, though they’re all still coming out this year.

Iron Man VR is probably the least of the three, though it could be a big reason for some to finally invest in a PSVR. Nevertheless, those who are looking to fly like the armored Avenger will have to wait till May to do so. Originally, they would have been able to virtually suit up this very month.

Then there’s the remake of Final Fantasy VII. That’s been a long time coming and to see it pushed back isn’t great. Square Enix made the announcement for FF7 this week, though fans shouldn’t freak out too much since it’s not getting that bad of a push. It’s actually only about a month’s break, as the game will arrive in April instead of March. No real reason was given for the move.

Of the three though, I have to imagine that Cyberpunk 2077 hurts the most for the vast majority of gamers out there. People have been waiting to dig into CD Projekt Red’s incredible looking, futuristic RPG for literally years at this point.

Now though, they’ll have to hang on until September. Yes, that’s right, right at the top of the big release season. So if you were planning on playing this monster of an RPG through the slow summer season, think again.

Working around a delay

All in all, none of these delays are too bad. And the elimination of some of the crunch that usually comes along with a big game’s release is a good thing for the development teams. Still though, as a fan this is an aggravating trend.

Could a possible solution be to shorten release windows? Maybe announce a release date only within the quarter that a title is supposed to land at retail in? Maybe. Personally, I’d prefer not knowing when something is “supposed to come out” for a little longer over getting hyped for it and then seeing it slip.

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