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Kojima to Receive Previously Denied Award

Kojima is finally getting what is owed to him.

Konami seems like it’s been doing everything in its power to drive away long time fans and employees. If they’re not turning their beloved franchises into Pachinko machines or micro transaction filled mobile games, they just cancel them. The very people who made these games are also being driven away. Hideo Kojima isn’t the only one, but he certainly was the most well known example. Among other things, Konami infamously prevented Kojima from receiving the Industry Icon award at the 2015 Game Awards. This is something that is about to be rectified, as he will be receiving it at this year’s Game Awards.

Geoff Keighley was the one who announced this over twitter. He claimed that Kojima was “robbed” during the last Game Awards, and is looking forward to presenting Kojima with his award. Back during the 2015 Game Awards, Keighley openly called Konami’s decision “inconceivable.” Something the audience agreed with, for they booed Konami the second the announcement was made.

The reaction to this has been overwhelmingly positive. Keighley’s tweet is being flooded with reactionary GIFs and images. Everything from applause to images of Big Boss. Kojima himself has even replied to the tweet, thanking Keighley. What Konami’s reaction to this will be is anyone’s guess. One way to another, the Game Awards will be starting on December 1st. Anyone who wants to see this play out will have to tune in then.

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