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First Impressions: Reflections

Take a trip into the game made up of possibilities, Reflections. Reflections releases as an Early Access game today on Steam and brings a whole world of possibility or, at least, that’s what the developers are hoping for. Created by Broken Window Studios, Reflections aims to create a truly unique …

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Ironcast is Coming to PlayStation!

Another future indie hit is coming to PlayStation: Dreadbit’s Ironcast! Ironcast is Dreadbit’s first console game and they are excited to bring it to the PlayStation Nation. Set in an alternative Steampunk Victorian London, players control a commander and a seven foot mech that must defend Queen and Country against …

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Jamestown+ Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

The British are coming! The British are coming! Well, they’re coming tomorrow when Jamestown+ hits PS4. Jamestown+ is a neo-classical top-down shooter set on 17th century colonial Mars. The British have snagged their tyrannical hands on the red planet and you must wrestle it free! Up to four friends can …

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Bedlam: The Game coming to Xbox One

From the development team of Red Bedlam and Standfast Interactive comes the genre hopping FPS, Bedlam: The Game. Meet Heather Quinn, the protagonist in Bedlam. She works for the medical company, Neurosphere. Quinn is a programmer working on a new brain-scanning technology. One day Quinn decides to volunteer to test …

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Air Guardians (PC) Review

This game is bad. “Oh, well that was a short review.” It’s bad, and it’s really NOT worth any money, at all. Ever. “Oh, slightly longer but still very short review. Good job!” That feeling in your gut, right now. You feel…disappointed? Like something is missing? An introduction, perhaps? Now …

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Shelter (PC) Review

The rise of the indie game has been one of the most important features of the last decade. At least it has in the sphere of influence this glorious hobby of ours calls home. Titles created by a one person team with absolutely no publisher and PR might behind them …

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