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Season 4 gets Reloaded this week for Call of Duty’s modern slate

As with the brand’s previous seasons, Season 4 in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare III era is getting Reloaded.

Player one needs ammo

Activision continues to revamp each season of Call of Duty action with mid-season “Reloaded” branding, and Season 4 is no exception. Modern Warfare III, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile are all getting a fresh updating this week, which is set to bring a whole mess of new stuff, including new map variants, modes, and a lot more.

As with previous reloads, Season 4 Reloaded looks like it’s just shy of a fully new season of content.

Modern Warfare III

  • New Core 6v6 map, additional map Variants. Explore a research outpost in the mountains of Urzikstan in Incline, a new snow map featuring intense fights in hostile weather. Then watch your step as you navigate the alien ooze across Das Gross, retro-actively investigate Bitvela, bring your best buds into G3T_H1GH3R.
  • Mutation, Havoc, and More. Drop into game-altering modes where Operators wield mutant powers and the rules of play change over time.
  • Bit Party and Vortex Mosh Pit. Go retro in the new Bit Party Playlist featuring the Bitvela map variant and deploy to another surreal locale with the return of the Vortex Mosh Pit.
  • In Zombies, Face Waves of Enemies in an Unstable Rift. Race to enter Unstable Rift before other squads and face off against increasingly difficult waves of enemies.


  • Popov Power Plant POI Update. The DNA Bomb at Popov Power Plant has detonated, opening new pathways and leaving a toxic chemical agent in its wake.
  • The Mutation Spreads. Drop into new limited-time Playlists involving the mutation mechanic, including Mutation Resurgence Quads and Mutation Buy Back Quads.  
  • [Redacted] Weapons, Runaway Train. Discover powerful [Redacted] Weapons, featuring a bounty of attachments for ultra lethal play. Achieve victory on the Runaway Train.

Warzone Mobile:

  • New Modes. Prepare for a zombie invasion as Zombie Royale arrives in Season 4 Reloaded along with Havoc Resurgence.
  • New Map Features. Explore graveyards, approach hellish crash sites, and take down undead targets in Verdansk.
  • A Unified Mid-Season. Share the same Battle Pass, BlackCell, weapon progression, and rewards across all three games alongside Call of Duty: Warzone mobile-specific rewards and events.

Get ready to roll into CoD’s brand of multiplayer action once again with Season 4, when Reloaded arrives for all editions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile on June 26th.

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