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DC Comics will go “through the ages” with new variant cover set

A celebration of the various eras of some of DC Comics’ biggest heroes will take place later this summer with “Through the Ages”.

Well, heroes and Harley Quinn

When you talk about the biggest heroes in comics, you have to include a good chunk of DC’s stalwarts. Superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and more are as iconic as any other in the medium, the majority of those names maybe more so. And we’re not just talking about the present of course, as those aforementioned heroes have been forces for literally decades.

DC Comics will be celebrating that fact this summer, with the “Through the Ages” cover slate. Officially an “Artist’s Spotlight” series, Through the Ages will hail from Nicola Scott, who’ll present a series of images that both showcase major costume variations and those different heroes who’ve taken on a specific mantle.

Here’s a peek:

Now, you might be thinking that you’ve seen these before, but rest assured you haven’t. Well, you haven’t seen ’em outside of a few, to be specific.

Nicola Scott has gone “Through the Ages” for both Action Comics and Detective Comics #1000, as well as Wonder Woman #750 and Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular #1. But while the Nightwing cover did make the rounds online, the rest have never been seen before. That’ll change this August, with the initiative flowing into September.

Here’s how they’ll break down, complete with ‘on sale’ dates:

August 11th

  • Batman #152 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant
  • Birds of Prey #13 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant

August 18th

  • Green Lantern #15 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant

August 25th

  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #31 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant
  • Catwoman #48 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant
  • Nightwing #118 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant
  • Superman #18 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant
  • Wonder Woman #13 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant

September 1st

  • Action Comics #1069 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant
  • Harley Quinn #43 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant
  • The Flash #13 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant
  • Zatanna: Bring Down The House #4 Nicola Scott Artist Spotlight Variant

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