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Five handheld Mega Man classics hit Nintendo Switch Online

Some pea-green, handheld Mega-fun has arrived for the Nintendo Switch Online, with five classic Mega Man titles.

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If you were a Mega Man fan back in the early 90s, and we definitely were, then you had one option as went portable action. Nintendo’s chunky little Game Boy was the biggest name in town back then, and so of course it was graced with its fair share of popular series’ from its NES big-brother. That included Capcom’s platforming superstar, who had an original set of adventures.

Mega Man had a total of five entries on the green-hued console, and now the complete collection is back for a new generation to engage with, by way of the Nintendo Switch Online service. Late yesterday, Nintendo revealed the additions, all of which are ready to rock and roll (for subscribers) as you read this.

  • MEGA MAN: DR. WILY’S REVENGE – Dr. Wily is out for revenge, and this time he’s created his own “Mega Man Killer”! With this creation and his revived Robot Masters at his side, the bad doctor plans to embark on a quest for global domination. Play as Mega Man in his first portable adventure and save the world from destruction by sending Dr. Wily’s creations back to the trash heap.
  • MEGA MAN II – Dr. Wily has stolen the experimental Time Skimmer, which allows him to travel to the future for nefarious ends. Luckily, Mega Man and his trusty robot dog Rush are on the case! Collect items and power ups to defeat the Robot Masters standing between you and Dr. Wily – including a mysterious foe from the future: Quint!
  • MEGA MAN III – Mega Man’s battle against Dr. Wily takes him to the hottest place on Earth! Dr. Wily and his renegade robots are drilling to the planet’s molten core to collect energy that will power his latest evil invention. Join Mega Man and Rush in action packed levels through the sinister scientist’s fortress, battling various Robot Masters and collecting their weapons before facing Dr. Wily and his ultimate creation.
  • MEGA MAN IV – The World Robot Expo has been crashed by the deranged Dr. Wily! With the push of a button on his mind-controlling device, Dr. Wily turns all robots in the city into his personal rampaging reinforcements. The only robot not under his control is Mega Man, and together with Rush he plans to put a stop to Dr. Wily’s sneaky schemes once more! Collect power ups, blast Robot Masters and assemble circuits to build a powerful ally named Beat. Can this trio save the day, or will Dr. Wily’s mind-control machine be Mega Man’s downfall?
  • MEGA MAN V – During a peaceful outing with his sister Roll, Mega Man is attacked by a powerful robot named Terra who heralds an invasion of robots from space to conquer Earth. After regrouping in Dr. Light’s laboratory, Mega Man sets off to save the day with a powerful weapon – the Mega Arm! Battle through waves of cosmic foes, employ weapon upgrades, and call in companions to assist as you and solve the mystery behind this alien attack.

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Again, all of the above are posted right now on the Game Boy branch of Nintendo’s online service. So if you’re a subscriber to the Nintendo Switch Online platform, you’re already ready to hit that update.

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