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Get your first look at Metal Slug Tactics in action, as the classic series goes turn-based

An iconic side-scrolling action series, Metal Slug is about to change things up, with full turn-based “tactical RPG” gameplay.

POW’s still included

Everything about Metal Slug Tactics looks familiar. The settings, the characters, the enemies… even the famous Prisoners of War that fans are used to rescuing in each level are present. But even with all of that included, this new Slug is completely different from what’s come before. And that’s due to a total switch-up of genres.

As the name implies, Metal Slug Tactics is a “tactical RPG”, and that means everything you might’ve known about the property has been turned on its head. Though all the themes are similar to SNK’s past Metal Slug titles, MST is turn-based, putting players in command of a team of heroes, tasked with taking on foes from foot soldiers to titanic bosses. Don’t get the idea that it’ll be slow-paced though, as keeping things snappy has reportedly been a focal point in this new title’s development.

And if you’re at all worried about how a big change like this might turn out, this week’s look at gameplay should allay those fears. From developer Leikir Studio (published by Dotemu), Metal Slug Tactics has clearly been forged with an eye towards making fans smile.

Metal Slug Tactics is both a respectful homage to an all-time classic and an imaginative new way to celebrate the renowned series, channeling METAL SLUG’s timeless aesthetic through gorgeous pixel art and fluid animation. The game’s highly replayable battlefields pair shuffled layouts from hand-crafted sectors of terrain with subtle roguelite elements, pushing fighters to adapt and overcome unpredictable clashes as they master dynamic, strategic combat.

Dotemu press release

Along with its team-based, tactical mechanics, Metal Slug Tactics will feature a full arsenal of weaponry to wield, plus skill trees and perks to manage. There’s also an “adrenaline system” that players will want to keep an eye on as they make their way through its action-packed world, as it’ll grant them super attacks. Use one of those, and you’ll “demolish the flanks of the series’ signature villains”.

Metal Slug Tactics is heading to consoles and the PC some time this fall, so stay tuned for a lot more on this one between now and then.

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