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Celebrate the Game Boy’s 35th, with some of its first games on Nintendo Switch Online

Yes, it’s got Game Boy games already, but Nintendo Switch Online has now welcomed a trio of absolute classics.

Now you’re playing with portable power

Pea-green visuals are officially back. After a decent break from dropping new titles, the Game Boy now has a new series of games available to Switch players, just in time for the console’s 35th anniversary. And of course, it’s all thanks to the Nintendo Switch Online.

The well-known publisher’s online platform has today posted a trio of classic Game Boy games that we can’t believe weren’t available already. And if you’re a modern fan who has no memory of the Game Boy when it hit stores, this new drop will give you the chance to engage with some of the very first portable cart-based games.

On the flip side, if you do have memory of 1989’s halcyon days of gaming goodness, well then you’re in for some serious nostalgia.

  • Super Mario Land – Relive Mario’s first Game Boy adventure! Obstacles and enemies of all sorts await you in the scenic kingdoms of Sarasaland, where you’ll travel through ancient ruins, stay afloat in tempestuous waters and navigate challenges aplenty. As Mario, you’ll run, jump and bounce your way to glory on his mission to save Princess Daisy (in her first appearance!) from a mysterious alien and restore peace to the land. This game features some distinct gameplay quirks to discover too, including the Superball Mario powerup and even levels where Mario pilots an airplane and submarine.
  • Baseball – Pitch in and batter up in this 1989 Game Boy classic. As the pitching team, deliver a series of fastballs while adjusting curve and speed – but be careful not to wear out your pitcher. If the batter connects, your outfield or infield can back you up. Strike out the opposing team, and it’s your turn at offense. As the batting team, shift your batter on the home plate and time their swing at the incoming ball. Try to safely reach the next base, or score for a home run. Strategize your team’s moves and lead your team to victory. Play ball!
  • Alleyway – Demolish blocks with a bouncing energy ball and try to rack up a high score! As Mario, pilot your spaceship at the gate of the Alleyway and destroy the space grids by deflecting the energy ball toward them. Keep your vessel moving and the ball in play until every block has been cleared to finish the stage. As you progress through each level, you’ll be confronted with the challenge of alternating stages, bonus rounds and more. Speed and quick reflexes will become your strongest allies as you reach to beat the top score. You’re in command in the Alleyway.

Nintendo press release

All three of the above titles are ready to roll right now, with an update to the Nintendo Switch Online’s Game Boy suite. As long as you’re subscribed, you should be good to go to hit that update.

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