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Has ‘Switch 2’ info leaked? Peripheral maker Mobapad might’ve done just that

In a social media posting, controller-maker Mobapad seems to have revealed a whole mess of Switch 2 details.

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Note: The accompanying image with this story is of a Nintendo Switch OLED console, available now

So, first of all of there’s always the chance that all of what you’re about read might be a little fake-news. There’s really no way to tell right now, since Nintendo hasn’t officially announced anything about the successor to the gaming juggernaut that is the Switch.

Website GamesIndustry broke the story today, covering a post that a company called Mobapad had added to its Facebook page. If you don’t know the name, and we didn’t, Mobapad is a Chinese company that produces controllers for the current Switch console. Said post gets into a few different areas, including a handful of very highlightable lines, some of which you might’ve admittedly heard before.

For one thing, and this is probably the biggest point made, Mobapad calls the Switch 2 more of a Switch Pro than a full generational leap. That’s something that should have already been in the minds of most Nintendo fans, as the upcoming hardware has been rumored to be just that for some time. If it turns out to be true, it’s hardly going to be a shock.

Other points from the post include a note that the new console will have a bigger screen, and one that will run in 1080p. That would be a little nice bump up, for those of you who prefer to play on the go instead of docked. Speaking of handheld play too, and again if the post is accurate, the Switch 2 will sport magnetic joy-cons. So there could be a bit of an ease of use upgrade on the way there. Though while it sounds neat, we do have to wonder if magnetic joy cons might be a challenge to keep attached to the console for some, while in use.

And finally, while it shouldn’t come as a surprise either, the upcoming game carts will reportedly be different. According to Mobapad, the Switch 2 will have a new form factor for its cartridges, making them unusable on a Switch 1. But before you get too twisted, the company added that original Switch games will be playable on the new unit. Backwards compatibility is always something that we’ll get behind here at BG, so hooray for that.

Hooray if any of this is true, that’s to say. Lending some credence it all though, is that the original Facebook posting from Mobapad has been edited. And as of right now, all mentions to the Switch 2’s details are gone. Interesting.

Source: GamesIndustry

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