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Warhammer 40K: Darktide’s “Path of Redemption” update goes live today

Fresh action for the Warhammer 40K universe’s co-op shooter Darktide is here, bringing a host of new content.

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Making the news lately, is Warhammer 40K and we don’t mean strictly the good kind, especially as go long time fans. But don’t throw the squig out with the bathwater, as Games Workshop’s grim/dark setting still has plenty to like for both tabletop and video game fans. Take Warhammer 40,000: Darktide for example.

A multiplayer, co-op shooter, Darktide was released in 2022 to some acclaim. The Fatshark-developed action title quickly found a user base, with its fast-moving and brutal action. If you were onboard and knee-deep in the heretical, and you’ve since fallen off, you might want to boot your copy up again. There’s a brand new update that’s just arrived.

Called Path of Redemption, the update is free to download and add onto your game, and includes a pretty chunky list of upgrades and fixes. But that’s not all, as the penance system has gotten a huge overhaul, there are all-new rewards, and there’s both a new enemy and condition.

  • A new free way to collect rewards: penance points will now count towards a progression track composed of 40+ tiers, allowing players to unlock earnable rewards.
  • A new home for penances in the Mourningstar: Hestia will be in charge of keeping a record of the rejects’ penances and will join the rest of the Mourningstar crew in voice-overs during missions.
  • 200+ new penances: a slew of new penances will be added to the game for players to complete. These will be divided into new categories.
  • 100+ new earnable rewards: these will include new insignias, portrait frames, emotes, poses, weapon trinkets, and cosmetics such as the loyalist Moebian 6th outfits.  
  • New reward type – titles: allowing players to brag about their most impressive achievements.
  • Improved penance UI and menu: allowing players to better track penances and progress toward rewards.
  • New puzzles, challenges, and collectibles: we are adding several puzzles across Tertium Hive for players to discover and solve.
  • New enemy: the Dreg Tox Bomber will join the ranks of the heretics, hurling Blight Grenades filled with toxic fumes.
  • New condition: Pox Gas will join the roster of conditions that can spread across Tertium. Recommendation: don’t breathe too deeply.

The Personality Scourge: players will have the option to change additional aspects of your operative (background, height, name, and voice) in exchange for ordo dockets.

Fatshark press release

The update should be out now for all versions of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

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