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New content arrives for detective sim Shadows of Doubt, with a console announcement as well

Gumshoes playing on the PC have some fresh content for Shadows of Doubt, as the announcement for console editions arrives.

With a blocky, retro look and a noir tilt, ColePowered Games and Fireshine Games’ Shadows of Doubt looks to be a unique take on a genre seldom explored. Players take on the role of an old fashioned PI, as they make their way through a tough town that’s “fully simulated”, according to publisher Fireshine. If you’re wondering what that means, it actually sounds pretty darn impressive.

The press release delves into what makes Shadow of Doubt tick, and it includes a city filled with people that each have their own “name, job, apartment and daily routine”. Amongst all of them are your suspects, and players have to make use of crime-fighting gadgets, plus conduct interviews, issue bribes, dig through call logs and email accounts, and engage in a myriad of other borderline activities as they solve their cases. And believe it or not, the new Sharpshooter Assassin update that launched today, adds even more.

Two new buildings to explore are a part of this content drop, each one including one of the “Echelons”. Gated communities that exist at the tops of these new skyscrapers, Echelons are where the well to do mingle and live, and for a hard-boiled detective it won’t be easy to gain entrance. Players will either have to work their way in to investigate this high society, or find… alternative methods.

Explore two new buildings and climb the social rankings to investigate the Echelons; new gated communities situated high among the upper floors of the city’s skyscrapers, and only accessible to VIPs. Haven’t yet reached the required social status? We’re sure you can discover alternative methods to reach the Echelons, detective…

Become an even more effective detective with 11 new player perks to unlock as you work your way up the ranks, including fast travel, instant status cures and security clearances to give you the upper hand in your investigation. Discover new quality of life improvements and gameplay tweaks, including a new auto-travel feature, new conversations, new Steam features (including trading cards and badges), an improved user interface, reduced city generation times, and more.

Fireshine Games press release

Now, about that console edition

Along with the above, which should keep current players busy for a while, there’s also word on a console release for Shadows of Doubt. While there is no official launch date just yet, Fireshine Games has indeed revealed that a console version will be along some time this year.

That will include the aforementioned content update as well, so everything that you see here will be in the download when it drops. Players will be able to act out their own detective fantasies when that eventually happens, on the Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

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