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Build your town, forge alliances, and defy an evil queen in Bellwright

A medieval setting plays host to developer Donkey Crew’s Bellwright, a town-building, survival title about to hit on Early Access.

It’s freedom baby, yeah

We first told you about Bellwright quite a while ago, and Donkey Crew’s mashup of action and town-building is looking pretty darn good. The game features a more realistic and grounded take on fantasy, mainly setting its tale in a fictional medieval kingdom, ruled by a wicked queen. It’s there that players will forge their own towns, and once that’s complete, create alliances with the goal of battling against the oppressive forces of the crown.

It’s a unique take for sure, and looks to be shaping up well, which again is a good thing because it’s about to land on Early Access. But before we get to that, take a look at it in action.

Bellwright weaves a rich tapestry of strategy, town-building, and action, offering Steam Early Access players a multifaceted experience from day one. Set in low medieval times, Bellwright combines the thrill of survival, combat and open-world exploration, with a deeply immersive storyline of intrigue and revolt. Players will lead a burgeoning rebellion against a tyrannical Sovereign, liberate oppressed villages, and uncover the dark secrets of their lineage. 

Donkey Crew press release

So what did you think? It might be a little rough around the edges, but again remember this is a game that’s not quite done yet, and you’ll be able to play it while the finishing touches are put on. As mentioned above, and if you do want to buy-in, Bellwright’s rebellion begins with the game heading to Steam’s Early Access. Look for it on April 23rd.

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