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Jamie Hayter capping off season 3 of AEW: Fight Forever, season 4 inbound

Season 3 of AEW: Fight Forever’s post-launch card is wrapping up, but hang on because that means season 4 is kicking off.

Don’t hayt the player

Released last year to some acclaim, AEW: Fight Forever took the wrestling genre back to when it was arguably best. Taking its inspiration from the 64bit classics and developed by the iconic wrestling team at Yukes, the title slowed down the action, while amping up a more cartoony and less realistic look.

Pretty much the only big knock against it came because it was too skimpy in certain areas. The creation suite was the biggest offender there, but the roster was fairly slim too. Well, fast forward to about a year later and things are markedly better thanks to the continuing flow of post-launch downloadable content packs.

AEW: Fight Forever is capping off season 3 of that plan, and is doing so with the intro of a women’s star who’s been on the shelf with an injury in real life, Jamie Hayter. And of course, while she leads the “Hayter’s Gunna Game” pack, she’s not the only inclusion. Players can look forward to some tunes as well, with the 5 “premium music tracks” that are included as well.

If you have a copy of the base game and have yet to indulge in the third content season, it’s actually added a fair amount. Aside from Hayter, there have been other stars brought to the in-game action, along with many more create-a-wrestler options, and even a new outdoors arena to grapple in.

In all, season 3 brought:

  • 3 new wrestlers
  • New day and evening beach ring
  • 33 new move-sets
  • 42 new skin and attire options
  • 11 new music tracks

Also worthy of note is that season 3 is far from the end for what’s seemingly a new continuing platform for THQ Nordic. AEW: Fight Forever’s Season 4 hasn’t been delved into whatsoever yet, but we do know that it’s going to be on the way in short order. How “short order”? Well, according to the press release, fans can look for the first drop later this very month.

AEW: Fight Forever is out now for the Switch, PC, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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