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Fantasy FPS Hands of Necromancy making a big return, complete with a sequel

Fulqrum Publishing and Frechou Games are bringing first-person, dark-fantasy title Hands of Necromancy back (and then some).

Retro in a few ways

So yeah, you might remember that Hands of Necromancy wasn’t released all that long ago. Frechou Games’ first-person shooter actually debuted in 2022, but it’s now found a new publisher in Fulqrum, who’s bringing its Metroidvania, GZDoom-powered action back to life with a sequel.

Before we get to that though, check out the new look at the original to jog your memory:

Hands of Necromancy, originally released in 2022 is a Dark Fantasy FPS metroidvania, inspired by classics such as Heretic and made with the GZDoom engine. Wield weapons, magic or transform into a fearsome monster to slay your foes, then raise them as undead servants and unleash even more carnage to become a master Necromancer!

Fulqrum Publishing press release

Like what you see there? Digging the major Heretic vibes (we are)? Well again this isn’t an upcoming title, as Hands of Necromancy is out right now on Steam for the PC. The game will cost you just $4.99 USD, and the only change is that there’s now a “Fulqrum Publishing” tag under “publisher” on the listing.

But again, that’s the least of the news today…

More in store

That’s right, whether you ate the original up or are just discovering it, there’s more dark fantasy action inbound. Hands of Necromancy II will be bringing the original game’s world back for more some time soon (also for PC), and has both Fulqrum’s muscle behind it and a wishlistable listing on Steam.

In the sequel, Hands of Necromancy II, players will be able to choose between two characters, wield new weapons and learn even more powerful spells and transformations to prove once and for all that they are the supreme Necromancer, master of death itself!

Fulqrum Publishing press release

Unfortunately there’s no release date just yet for Hands of Necromancy II, though again you can wishlist it right now if you’d like. It’s pretty nice to see fantasy FPS’ making a comeback though, isn’t it?

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