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As Sea of Stars hits 5 million players, Sabotage Studio teases local co-op play

A JRPG with couch co-op? That’s exactly what developer Sabotage Studios is teasing for mega-hit indie title Sea of Stars.


Is it fair to say that Sea of Stars is a huge hit at this point? Yeah, that seems to be the case, as the role-playing game launched late last summer and has blasted to 5 million “players” across consoles and the PC. Why the “players” and not ‘copies sold’ or something similar? Well, that’s likely due to the game being available on Microsoft’s Game Pass service, and of course that’s a ‘play all you want’ kind of platform.

Still, the fact remains that Sea of Stars has logged 5 million players as of this week. That’s a massive number for any game, let alone an indie title that uses a fairly traditional RPG formula. So to celebrate the occasion, developer Sabotage Studios has let slip that a “Single Player+” mode will be coming.

That translates to couch co-op for up to three players, and this won’t be just a superficial change. Sea of Stars is a single player adventure through and through, so Sabotage has brought in some fresh mechanics to make co-op more fun.

Here’s a very brief sneak peek, and one that should get fans amped for more.

Dubbed “Single Player+”, this mode allows for three players to journey together in Sea of Stars. Staying true to the game’s core turn-based roots, each player will engage in traversal and combat with a new “Co-op timed hits” mechanic as they embark with friends on Sea of Stars’ grand adventure. The new mode is currently in development and more details are set to be released soon. 

Sabotage Studios press release

Yeah, that’s got some serious potential. We’re getting Secret of Mana vibes (though this is going to still have turn-based battles), and that’s a very good thing indeed.

Sea of Stars is out right now for pretty much everything, including the Switch, PC, PS4 and PS5, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. As mentioned too, if you’re Game Pass subscriber, then you already have the game ready to play. Wanna know what we thought of it first? Click here for our review of Sea of Stars’ Switch edition.

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