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Dark Horse’s new Masters of the Universe comic brings new twists to Skeletor and Hordak

Longtime Masters of the Universe fans will find a new backstory to Skeletor and Hordak’s partnership presented in the Revolution tie-in comic.


Now, we have to grant one thing before we get into anything here that pertains to what sounds like a fresh version of Hordak’s involvement in MOTU history. And that, namely, is that “MOTU history” is pretty amorphous. There’ve been a multitude of timelines pertaining to the fiction, even though some have gained a heck of a lot more traction than others.

In what we assume to be the most accepted version, Hordak is the leader of the evil Horde, a tech-based and galaxy-spanning empire that seeks total domination. Hordak basically comes across Eternia, a world steeped in magics, and makes a young Keldor (a mage who who becomes Skeletor) his agent. There’s a lot more to it than that, but you get the drift.

Well, cue Netflix and Kevin Smith with their revision of MOTU, and things are decidedly different. Season one of that show might not have gotten all that deep into it, but from the sound of Dark Horse Comics’ official prequel, it’s getting a full exploration.

Journey to the earliest days of one of the universe’s most consequential and fraught team-ups. Hordak is an ambitious general, eager to make his mark; Skeletor is an aspiring mage hungry for power. Joining forces, melding ancient Eternian magic with advanced Horde technology, could bring them all their evil hearts’ desire…but they’ll have to survive each other first.

Dark Horse Comics press release

Written by Revolution producers Tim Sheridan, Rob David, and Ted Biaselli, Masters of the Universe: Revolution #1 (of 4) will feature art from Daniel HDR. You’ll be able to grab the first issue on May 15th, 2024. That’s significantly after the new season of the show debuts, which hits Netflix this very month, on January 25th.

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