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Hot Toys bringing “Dawn of Justice” Batman back for new run

Currently the realm of the secondary market, Hot Toys’ Dark Knight from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming back.

Do you bleed?

Released in 2016, Warner Bros’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was pretty divisive. The film was much darker than other superhero movies of the day (or now), and got a good deal of derision from the press. It’s tough to agree that it was a box office disaster though, since it pulled in almost $900 million USD in its theatrical run.

Still, it was counted as the first of a series of stumbling blocks for the fledgling “DCEU”, which would eventually be soft-rebooted into the still-upcoming “DCU”. One thing that was not divisive in any real way though, was the overall look for the film’s version of Batman.

We’ll grant that he might’ve been a little too chunky, but the costume was otherwise excellent and looked awesome in motion. Cast in black and gray, the suit almost perfectly mirrored what many consider to be the definitive look for Batman. It was also the first time that’d happened in a medium that traditionally made Bruce Wayne’s superhero look an all-black one.

Anyway, shortly after the movie’s release, high-end toy maker Hot Toys produced an action figure adaptation of that version of Batman. A hit with fans, the figure sold out and hasn’t been back for a second issuance… until now that is. Just revealed today, Hot Toys will be offering the Bat one more time, and in an updated form.

Dubbed Batman (2.0), this new figure has an updated Bruce Wayne head sculpt that comes complete with all the modern trimmings, plus a new neck joint on the cowled-head and new emotive faceplates to fit into it.

Based on the epic 2016 cinematic masterpiece, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the 1/6 scale Batman (2.0) Collectible Figure features a newly developed hand-painted Bruce Wayne headsculpt equipped with Hot Toys’ innovative rolling eyeball system and two interchangeable hair sculptures. It also includes a newly crafted, movie-accurate Batman cowled head with a seamless neck joint, and interchangeable lower face plates to portray different character expressions, as well as the same separate rolling eyeballs feature as the unmasked portrait — allowing for a multitude of options and unparalleled realism when posing and displaying the figure.

The Batman (2.0) Collectible Figure has a new specialized body highlighting Batman’s muscular physique, plus a meticulously tailored Batsuit and a wide selection of gadgets and accessories. 

But wait, there’s more! A special Deluxe Version has also been unveiled, which includes a specially developed rotatable cowled head, a wired Bat-cape to unlock even greater posing potential, and a stunning new alleyway diorama backdrop.

The Batman (2.0) Collectible Figure and Batman (2.0) Deluxe Collectible Figure are sure to captivate the hearts of every fan and serve as the proud centerpiece of any DC collection.

Both of these figures are available to pre-order now, via Sideshow.

Sideshow press release

With an October ’24 – March ’25 release window penciled in, Batman (2.0) is up for pre-order right now, from Hot Toys’ retailing partner Sideshow. The “Collector’s Edition” of the figure is priced at $290 USD, while the Deluxe is $350.

Hit the links above if you’d like to lock in either version of this remake/re-release for yourself.

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