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Sennheiser shares an audiophile’s gift guide

One of the biggest names in higher end audio, Sennheiser looks to offer something to give or get from all audio angles.

Hear those bells

While it seems to be an element that most video game fans (in particular) put on the back burner, we’ve found that audio can make a big difference in your setup. Good audio hardware can make almost any entertainment experience just that much better, be it handheld or full-on home theater setups. Great hardware, naturally, can also take it to another level.

There are a few companies that most people probably know by heart at the top of that heap, and it’s a list that has to include Sennheiser. Around for 75 years at this point, Sennheiser is a huge name in audio arenas, making items that run the gamut from headphones to soundbars. And while their offerings are not cheap, they have the reputation of getting the job done and then some.

With the Holiday Season rolling in full swing at this point, the company sent us an in-house list of goodies that are on tap for gifting (and maybe getting). So if you’re on the hunt for some ‘sound’ hardware, keep on a-scrolling and see what they have to say.

*Note: the following text was supplied via press release by Sennheiser, and was not written by BG

Fill the room with joy

Class-leading spatial audio starting at $599.95

Experience your favorite holiday movies and music with childlike wonder. Sennheiser Soundbars feature AMBEO technology to reproduce the spatial realism and excitement of a multi-channel surround sound setup from a single device. Available in three sizes, they transport you to the heartbeat of the action so you can help save the holiday from bumbling thieves or recite some iconic one-liners with a cup of hot chocolate. AMBEO Soundbars can be the central hub for your smart home, too with built-in support for voice assistants, streaming music, content casting, and more. “Alexa, start my holiday classics playlist!”

  • Can’t miss! AMBEO Soundbar Plus | Mid-sized soundbar with up to 7.1.4 virtualization at $1,199.95
  • Splurge! AMBEO Soundbar Max | XL soundbar with up to 5.1.4 virtualization at $1,999.95
  • Bass! AMBEO Subwoofer | Wired or wireless connection to AMBEO Soundbars at $599.95

The best of the best (of the best)

Jaw-dropping acoustics starting at $119.95

Speaking of holiday playlists, music is a timeless gift to give and receive. Whether it’s nostalgic vinyl or a new high-resolution release, you shouldn’t waste a single downbeat on mediocre headphones. Audiophile headphones are like a finely tailored suit—crafted from premium materials, a superb fit and of course built for everyday use. With their ability to unwrap every last detail in your music, it’s giving the gift of hearing your favorites like never before.

  • New! HD 660S2 | versatile open-back hi-fi headphones for $499.95 
  • On the move! IE 200 | compact earphones for portable hi-fi at $119.95
  • New! IE 600 and IE 900 | high-end IEM’s available for $599.95 and $1,199.95 respectively
  • Splurge! HD 800S | flagship reference headphones for $1,599.95

First Class Travel

Frequent flier smiles starting at $99.95

Coming home for the holidays should be a delight, not a burden. And for those jet setting across the globe, a premium pair of travel headphones can make the difference between a miserable journey and an entertaining one. Arrive refreshed thanks to active noise cancellation and marathon battery life that can last for days—literally! With all-day comfort and audiophile-inspired sound, that economy seat back home feels like first class. Want to pack light? True wireless options can fit in your pocket and recharge right in their case. Bluetooth connectivity lets you check in with family at a moment’s notice—but don’t forget to check the time zone before you surprise mom and dad with an evening call!

Do you hear what I hear? 

Happier hearing starting at just $99.95

The human voice is the path to the heart, connecting loved ones to treasured moments in the most meaningful way. With our offerings you will be able to enjoy watching a holiday movie or sports broadcast with your family without missing bits and pieces—don’t miss any detail of the dialogue buried in a show, film or TV broadcast. 

  • The dependable viewing companion RS-120 W | on-ear headphones with crystal clear sound for $99.95
  • Home entertainment got more entertaining RS-175 U |over-ears with Bass Boost and Surround Sound listening ​ for $199.95
  • Specialized wireless headphones RS-195 U | closed-back and wireless for ultimate listening flexibility for $299.95. ​

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