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Owlcat Games’ new cRPG, Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader launches this week

Cruising the Warp and heading to consoles and PC this week is Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader, the first cRPG under the license.

Into the Expanse (not that Expanse)

No, we’re not talking about the TV show The Expanse here, we’re talking the “Koronus Expanse”, a partially-charted region of deep space in the Warhammer 40K universe. That’s where players of Rogue Trader will be heading, as they voyage on behalf of the Imperium.

Don’t expect a smooth ride through that void though, as Rogue Trader looks to be filled with everything that Warhammer 40K fans might expect. So to combat the horrors of space and the terrors awaiting in the Warp, Lord-Captains will be able to act in ways that might be categorizable as… heresy?

Be that as it may, players can recruit crews from the likes of even xenos in the game, and choose whether to further the goals of the Emperor, or side with the enemies of mankind. Maybe don’t expect a great homecoming if you pick the latter though.

Key Features include:

  • Explore the Koronus Expanse — Board the Voidship and travel between the multitude of systems within the Koronus Expanse, a barely charted and incredibly perilous region of space filled with dangerous creatures and prodigious opportunities for profit and exploration.
  • Your Decisions Matter, Lord-Captain — Show your subjects mercy or disdain, stay faithful to the God-Emperor, or consort with enemies of Mankind. Every decision and every act, even in character creation, is changing the in-game open world and those who inhabit it.
  • Gather Your Crew — A retinue of righteous heroes, twisted psykers, and perfidious xenos is ready to follow you into the darkness between the stars. They will offer you counsel, aid you in battle, and allow you to amass ever more power. In return, you can guide them through their own personal journeys, changing their destinies forever.
  • Plan Your Actions Carefully — Take advantage of cover, the environment, and careful positioning to overpower your enemies in fully-fledged isometric turn-based tactical combat. Use your companion`s powerful abilities to turn the tide of battle and achieve victory even in the direst of situations.

Owlcat Games press release

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader arrives this week, on December 7th, for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, GOG, and Epic).

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