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Crown Wars: The Black Prince melds medieval history with dark magic and conspiracy

A real-world medieval war serves as the backdrop to Crown Wars: The Black Prince. But be that as it may, there’s evil afoot as well.

Dark influences

Lasting a little over the titular timeframe, The Hundred Years War was an ongoing conflict in the Europe’s medieval period. Resulting in part from England’s long held a claim to the French throne, the war embroiled multiple generations of Europeans, and pushed military technological development along significantly.

Now that time, which we haven’t seen much of (if at all) reflected in video games, is getting a strategy title all its own. But what Artefacts Studio has planned isn’t a straight revisiting of history, as Crown Wars: The Black Prince is shaping up to be interwoven with evil magics, and an overarching conspiracy.

In Crown Wars: The Black Prince, the player dives into the Hundred Years’ War, which embroiled several royal families in bloody conflict, with the crown of the most powerful kingdom of the West as the prize. But that is without taking a powerful Evil into account, one that can change History. A secret and diabolical organisation is sewing chaos throughout the kingdom in its quest for power.

In these troubled times, the game lets you play as a young lord from one of 4 families that have fallen out of favour, each with particular skills and its own history that is revealed as the game progresses. Guided by the mysterious alchemist Nicolas Flamel, you must restore your lands to their former glory and lead the fight against brigands, knights and the henchmen of the Order, the dark power behind the reign of terror. In order to liberate the kingdom from invasion and corrupting evil, you must recruit, equip and train squads of companions comprised of the 6 classes of soldiers available in the game. Without you, the war is lost. You are the last hope of the Brotherhood of Light.

Artefacts Studio press release

Crown Wars: The Black Prince is looking towards a March 7th, 2024 launch. Look for it to arrive for the PC, plus the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch, though that Nintendo edition won’t be along til a little later on.

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